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Forget "Beautiful" - Here's How to Feel Crazy Sexy ...

By Holly

It's important for every woman to recognize her beauty. However, that's not enough. You should also realize just how sexy you are. If you've never used that word to describe yourself before, here are a few ways for you to finally feel sexy:

1 Walk around Naked

Walk around Naked If you don't feel comfortable walking around the house naked, then you should at least walk around in a robe or a towel. The less clothes you wear, the more comfortable you'll become in your sexy body.

2 Wear Lingerie

Wear Lingerie When you slip into a revealing piece of lingerie, you'll feel as sexy as a supermodel. If you're feeling extra confident, you can even take pictures of yourself in your outfit, so you can look at them any time you're feeling self-conscious. They'll remind you of how sexy you really are.

3 Touch Yourself

Touch Yourself You don't need a man in order to make your body tremble. In fact, it's typically easier for a woman to please herself than it is for a man to please her. Don't believe it? All you have to do is masturbate to see for yourself. It can turn any dull day into an exciting one.

4 Show off Some Skin

Show off Some Skin It doesn't matter if you have a hot date or are just heading to the library to study. Whenever you want to feel sexy, you should slip into an outfit that shows off a little bit of skin. If you love what your breasts look like, show off your cleavage. If you prefer your legs, wear a short skirt.

5 Read an Erotic Novel

Read an Erotic Novel Some people consider adult videos to be disgusting. However, most people agree that erotic novels are classy. If you pick the right one, you'll feel like you're living the character's life and loving every minute of it.

6 Buy New Underwear

Buy New Underwear Buy a pushup bra to make your breasts look their best, or buy a thong to make your booty look beautiful. Make sure that the colors match, because you'll feel powerful walking around in matching underwear. Even if no one else knows you have it on, you do, and that's all that matters.

7 Seduce a Man

Seduce a Man Nothing will make you feel better about yourself than seducing a man will. Find a guy that you're interested in and then use all of the tricks you have to get him into bed with you (or to at least to kiss you). The accomplishment will keep you feeling sexy for weeks.

8 Take a Candlelight Bath

Take a Candlelight Bath It's important to have some "me" time every once in a while. If you strip out of your clothes and jump into a soothing bubble bath complete with candles and red wine, you'll feel sexier than ever. Don't forget to listen to your favorite music!

9 Spray on a Sexy Scent

Spray on a Sexy Scent Your looks aren't the only thing that'll make you feel sexier. The way that you smell can also impact your confidence. That's why you should buy a sensual scent to wear on all of your dates.

These things should make you feel your very best! After all, you're a sexy woman, and it's time for you to realize that. What other things have you done to make yourself feel sexier?

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