Learn to Love ❀️ the Way You Look πŸ‘πŸ‘ ...

Ok brace yourself. Hard message coming. You really shouldn’t give a f**k about the messages society sends about how you should look. It’s hard enough to love yourself when you know you have flaws and an imperfect body without external pressure confirming it for you and making you think you need to change. Life’s too short to worry about a bumpy nose, large hands or big thighs. None of these things will affect your ability to succeed in your career, to be a loving partner or to be a great mother. You can learn to love the way you look and be happy with yourself.

1. Identify and Extinguish β€˜Flaws’

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The first step to learn how to love the way you look is to run through a list in your mind of all of the flaws that you think you have, and make a conscious effort to let yourself see that these imperfections are only supposed flaws by someone else’s standards. They are what make you unique and beautiful. It might be hard to confront the things that you think are wrong with you, but you will come out feeling better on the other side when you realize that and accept them.

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