Here's How You Can Turn Your Body Hate into Body Love ...


Here's How You Can Turn Your Body Hate into Body Love ...
Here's How You Can Turn Your Body Hate into Body Love ...

It's hard not to get down when your hair is acting up or your skin is dry and flaky. Or when you feel like none of your clothes look good or you're not at your dream weight. Whatever the reason you're feeling bad about your body, it’s important not to let it ruin your life. The occasional bout of body hate is normal and just part of life, but if you find yourself hateful most of the time, you could be at risk of depression or suicide. If that’s the case for you, it’s imperative to talk to a therapist right away. In the meantime, try one of these tips for turning your body hate into body love.

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Make a List of What Your Body Can do

hair, clothing, photography, swimwear, beauty, You probably spend a lot of time bemoaning what you hate about your body, but if you turn that around and place the focus on what’s great about your body, you may find that you love it after all. Write down all the amazing things your body can do, from giving birth to hiking a mountain to lifting 100 pounds of groceries. You’ll be shocked at how much more you feel the love when you look on the positive side.


Wear the Right Clothes

hair, clothing, hairstyle, fashion, leg, If you hate your muffin top, wearing tight shirts and jeans that are too small will only highlight an area you want to hide. No matter what you hate about your body, dress to mask it and you’ll feel instantly better. I’m not saying you should be ashamed of your shape or how you look, but dressing for the body you have is a really powerful way to boost your self-esteem and get tons of compliments that will make you feel great.


Fuel Your Body for Good Health

food, fruit, produce, plant, land plant, I don’t know about you, but after I eat a fast food dinner or skip a walk with my dog to lounge in front of the television, I certainly don’t feel that great about my body. When you feed your body healthy foods and get plenty of exercise, it’s much easier to feel good about it and love it for what it can do for you, rather than hate it because you feel icky and sluggish.


Don’t Blame Your Body for Bad Things Happening

clothing, human positions, sitting, sun tanning, supermodel, It’s not your body’s fault you didn’t get the job or that your new romance fell through. Stop blaming your body for everything that’s wrong with your life and start looking at things logically. Maybe there was someone better suited to the job or the man in your life wasn’t all that great after all. Once you quit seeing your body as the enemy, you may just start loving it.


Quit the Body Trash Talk

clothing, fashion, model, It’s easy for us girls to get together and talk trash about our own bodies. Who among us hasn’t griped about our thunder thighs, jiggly butt or bat wings when hanging out with the girls? That has to stop right now. You wouldn’t talk that way about your friends, so why would you talk that way about yourself? Quit saying mean things about your body and you leave time for love to grow.


Take a Social Media Break

human action, person, clothing, human positions, muscle, I know this sounds drastic, but people tend to only portray the best things about themselves online. That means you get a distorted view of what they look like. I know that I don’t often see a photo of myself that I like, but my friends are always posting great selfies. This can really get you down, so taking a break from social media for a while gives you the chance to work on your body love without any outside influences.


Spend Time with Your Pet

dog, nose, pomeranian, dog like mammal, photo shoot, Having a pet is proven by a multitude of research studies to improve mood. By spending time with your dog or cat, you have someone who loves you no matter what and will never hate you for your looks. This unconditional acceptance is a great way to boost your self-esteem and learn to love yourself more and more every day.


Don't Let Your Numbers Dictate You

hair, clothing, swimwear, sun tanning, human positions, Whether it's the numbers on the scale or the tag on your pants, don't let the numbers control your life. What matters most is how you feel and not how you look. A woman at 180 pounds with muscle looks a lot different than a woman st 180 with fat.


Stop Being Shallow

clothing, footwear, leg, thigh, arm, Looks are not everything, you've heard that a million times I'm sure, and you need to start believing it. You are beautiful on the inside and as long as you know that, it will reflect on the outside.


Love Your Body

hair, clothing, swimwear, person, beauty, No matter your size, shape, or in between, you are the most beautiful you that you can be! Your body was given to you and you alone. Life is way too short to disgrace yourself; so love and appreciate you for everything about you!

How do you turn off the body hate? What is one thing you love most about your body?

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With me it’s the opposite, I’m too skinny and find it hard to gain weight and have trouble with eating enough. The most important thing is that you’re healty and feel good, looks aren’t everything...

I always hated my body back in high school I used to slice up my thick thighs with a pencil 😞 I just wish I was attractive to others

Hi.. So everyone tells me that i am skinny. And i desperately want to gain some weight. So what basically should i do?

@Tanya Singh Same

If you don't like your body fix it. Lose weight, work out, but do something. It DOES take effort though.

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