How to 📘 Give Yourself an Affordable 💰 Makeover 🛍 ...

You don't need a personal stylist or expensive weekly facials to keep up with your appearance! Instead, why not try giving yourself a makeover that's much more affordable? A transformative makeover (and not just beauty treatments!) has a lot of power- when you feel and look confident, you actually become so! And we all like to feel good about our appearance, it makes living life that much better. Keep reading for how to give yourself an affordable (and super easy!) makeover!

1. Get a New do 💇🏻

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Your hair is your best accessory, honesty! An outdated hairstyle with a dull color can really age you and drag down your appearance. Consult a professional on this one and play with different potential styles/colors and see what suits you best! There are even apps you can use that allow you to digitally change your hair and see what might look good.

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