Hot Weather Beauty Hacks Every Woman Must Know ...


Our beauty routine needs change when hot weather hits. The heat affects your skincare needs, your hair needs and even your makeup application. These are some beauty hacks to get you through those beautiful yet steamy summer months. With these hacks, you’ll still look gorgeous no matter how high the temps go.

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Protect Your Hair Color in the Pool with Leave-in Conditioner

When the days are warm, there’s nothing we want more than time in a refreshing pool. It feels absolutely blissful! But there’s just one problem; pools aren’t great for your hair color. The harsh chemicals in pools can cause fading to your color or even leave you with that ghastly green tinge if you’re a blonde like me. Prevent that from happening by coating your hair with a leave-in conditioner before you swim and your color will stay beautifully vibrant!


Protect Your Summer Manicures

Have you ever had bubbles in your manicure or pedicure? That comes from heat exposure to the nail polish, ladies. You can avoid this frustration by storing your nail polish in the fridge. It will prevent bubbling and keep your nails looking lovely. After all, no one enjoys a botched manicure.


Exfoliation is Your Friend in Bikini Season

We love bikini season and we hate it. We love everything that it represents but may not like that our bodies aren’t quite what we’d like for this time of year. This beauty hack can help with that. Banish rough spots on your skin such as rough patches on your knees and ankles with exfoliation. Exfoliation is also a great way to prevent razor bumps. You can use a body scrub product or simply use your loofah to gently exfoliate problem areas.


Switch to a Lighter Fragrance

Heavy perfumes can seem even heavier when the heat starts working on them. Switch to something lighter for summer. It’s a great time to enjoy a new fragrance. Body mists and sprays are nice alternatives. Two I love are Bath & Body Works Maui Mango Surf and Victoria’s Secret Tropical Nights.


Get a Go-to up-do

Let’s face it. Summer is hot and it’s not the time to wear your hair cascading down around your face and shoulders. That’s fine for date night but you need a go-to up-do for casual days. The messy bun is always a good choice but it doesn’t work for everyone. Another alternative is a diagonal French twist which is what I turn to when I don’t want my hair making me feel even hotter.


Switch to Waterproof Eye Makeup so You Don’t Melt Away

I’m not a huge fan of waterproof mascara but when the weather’s hot, it’s the best solution to prevent melting eye makeup. A few tears have nothing on 90 or 100 degree days. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are essential in the heat. While I’m still not in love with waterproof mascara, you couldn’t convince me to part with my waterproof eyeliner. The difference waterproof formulas make in eye makeup on hot days is shocking.


Pick up O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet ASAP to Have Sandal Worthy Feet

I discovered the O’Keeffe’s hand product this past winter and had amazing results with it. It healed my fingertip splits much better than even the prescription from my dermatologist did. I’ve been just as amazed with O’Keeffe’s foot cream. Calluses, cracks and rough spots will be a thing of the past with this product. It’s my latest beauty obsession!

These are 7 beauty hacks to get you through hot weather. Now it’s your turn to share. What beauty hacks help you beat the heat?

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I have to admit I'm slightly addicted to O'Keefe's. It's my go to.

My hair used to be black and it still is, but since i gi to the pool alot it gets brown in the sunlight

Setting spray will be your best friend. MAC, Urban Decay or even Elf offer them, very refreshing and keeps makeup in place

Great tips thankyou

It's 42 degree C where I live, so I'm sure these tips will coming in handy. Thanks!

I've always wondered about the bubbles

Thanks for the article

Thank you , very helpful.

Can you write about tips on waterproofing your makeup for a day at the pool

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