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Not everyone is blessed with Bambi-like lashes but whether lush and long or sparse and spidery, it’s important to look after them. As well as being carriers of mascara to make you look extra gorgeous, they protect your eyes. This is how to look after your eyelashes.

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Condition Them

Condition Them One of the key ways to look after your eyelashes is to condition them. It’s obvious when you think about it. You condition the hair on the head to keep it healthy, so why not condition your eyelashes too? Applying a cold-pressed unrefined oil like castor oil or marula will help to strengthen your eyelashes, hydrating them and encouraging them to grow longer. Always make sure to use a clean finger when you apply the oil.


Growth Serum

Growth Serum The average growth cycle of a ‘set’ of eyelashes is anywhere between thirty and sixty days but if your lashes are fragile and dry, then this can be significantly shorter. You can do your best to stop this from happening by using a growth serum like RevitaLash to fight against any premature brittleness or breakage. The serum will keep your lashes as strong as possible for the entirety of their normal growth cycle.


Take B-Vitamins

Take B-Vitamins B-Vitamins have been discovered to be significant helpful in the healthy upkeep of your eyelashes. Biotin helps to promote strong nails, skin and hair in all of the right places, and can be a great quick fix for somebody who is having real problems with the growth and health of their eyelashes. Taking vitamins is a win-win situation, as not only will you be helping your body and overall health, you will also be addressing the problem area of your lashes.


Curl before Mascara

Curl before Mascara If you apply mascara before you curl your eyelashes, there is a great chance that the lashes will become stuck to the curler and get pulled out way before their natural growth cycle has finished. Additionally, you should always make sure you fully remove your mascara at the end of each evening before you to bed, as there will still be a great amount of makeup attached when you try to curl them the next morning.


Heat the Curler

Heat the Curler A nifty tip is to heat up your lash curler with the hot air from a hair dryer before you proceed to curl your eyelashes. This works in exactly the same way a curling iron for your hair works, with the heat from the blow dryer creating a much better and easier environment for the lashes to curl with a far smaller risk of breakage.


Two Pump Rule

Two Pump Rule You should never, ever, pump your eyelash curler more than two times, any more than two pumps and the risk of breaking your lashes becomes far, far bigger. And even if your lashes a strong enough not to break, too many pumps of the curler can lead to an undesired ‘crimped’ look that will make your lashes look really unnatural and strange.


Moisturizing Mascara

Moisturizing Mascara Give your lashes the best chance of staying healthy and strong by using a dedicated mascara that has moisturizing properties. You want a mascara that gives your lashes the beautiful color and volume that you want while also helping to protect and preserve them with the great moisturizing ingredients that the product boasts.

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I wish I had nice long lashes. 

heating the eyelash curler & pumping it as I curl makes my eyelashes look their best.

Great tips.

Revitalash is awesome!!

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