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How to Look like One Hot Mama Beauty ...

By Cris

When was the last time you felt sexy and... hot?! One friend exclaimed: "Before first baby gave me these stretch marks!" While mothers will often laugh about the truthfulness of the situation, deep inside many do want to bring back their old selves or at least feel like they still have that part of themselves who was sassy, sexy, sultry. Well, here are some friendly suggestions on how to look like one hot Mama even when children make your world crazier:

1 Start (or Continue) a No-brainer Hobby

clothing, pink, interior design, furniture, textile, Stamp collecting? Paper dolls? Make up? Whatever suits you as long as it makes you feel good. For at least one hour of your day - or if that's too long then take 30 minutes - do something that reconnects you with your inner self. A hobby that doesn't require intense thinking and relaxes you is a great first step to feeling good about yourself. Just something that will take off the edge from all the Mommy responsibilities.

2 Ditch the Baggy Pants

clothing, outerwear, leather, footwear, fashion, Let's go physical here. Ladies, they may be comfy to you but, uhm, if you want to feel like a hot Mama again, ditch those baggy pants and swear never, as in never, to wear them again in public. Find pants that flatter your curves and your behind, not those which make you look like a clown who just left a party.

3 Wear MAKEUP Every Other Day

hair, human hair color, face, black hair, eyebrow, Why every other day? Because every day might be unrealistic; every other day or let's say, three days a week sounds reasonable and achievable. Okay... so why wear makeup? Why shouldn't you? There's no guidebook that says you can't beautify yourself at home. You don't have to go overboard and apply glitter and heavy eye makeup; the basics will do. You'll be surprised how much a lip gloss can help boost your confidence during parent-teacher meetings.

4 Take Care of Your Hair

white, clothing, photography, human positions, hairstyle, Many Mamas are not kind to their hair. It's easy to tie it up in a bun without combing it or leave it hanging limp and dry all day. The crowning glory is forgotten. But if you want to be the hottie that you once were, go back to the times when you took special good care of your hair. Shampoo, condition, treatment... what did you do before to make those locks look pretty?

5 Cook Freezable Meals

clothing, person, male, child, interaction, Cooking is a long and arduous task and can be nerve-wracking, especially for stay-at-home Moms with so many things on their plates. This chore alone can make you feel and look stressed. Well, you are. Here's a suggestion: try to cook dishes that you can turn into freezable meals. For instance: lasagna. When baseball practice, PTA meetings, grocery shopping all happen in one day, you can take out the frozen lasagna, put it in the microwave, and serve. You need to get ready for rainy days, right?

6 Adopt an Exercise Regimen

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, underpants, black hair, It doesn't need to be aggressive. Try walking for 10 to 15 minutes after each meal. Or there are several yoga videos online that you can start doing. Don't forget to get yourself a mat. Another fun exercise is zumba. You dance and exercise at the same time. You can lose some pounds and after months of exercising with proper diet, you may even be able to fit into that pre-pregnancy pair of jeans.

7 Smile as Much as You Can

human action, person, bedtime, interaction, 0Won, What separates you from that humpy grumpy lady across the room is your willingness to smile. Hot Mamas are hot because there's so much warmth in them. They're friendly, genuine, and sincere. Sure. they are not exempted from the challenging world of Motherhood but they always adopt a positive attitude and that makes them good role models to everyone.

Do you consider yourself a hot Mama?

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