Beach Beauty How to Look Good when You Emerge from the Ocean ...


Beach Beauty How to Look Good when You Emerge from the Ocean ...
Beach Beauty How to Look Good when You Emerge from the Ocean ...

You spent the winter sculpting your body to look sizzling hot in your bikini. You look fabulous and Instagram-worthy as you lie seductively on the sand soaking up the rays. Then you go for a cooling dip in the ocean or the hotel pool and wham bam, glam is gone. You want to look like Halle Berry when she emerges from the ocean in that orange bikini! Here’s how to be a beach goddess when you come out of the water.

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Use a Waterproof Mascara

There’s nothing worse that coming out of the water after a refreshing dip, only to be left with smudged black panda eyes. Invest in a quality waterproof mascara that will stay on even after a good soak in the pool or sea. You don’t always have to go for your usual black shade either; treat yourself to a fun, bright colour for the summer.


Bring Your Makeup Bag!

As much as you set your make up before you take a dip, chances are you will need to touch up after getting out of the water. Bring your essential items along to the pool side for a quick refresh after you have been in and out of the water a few times.


Waterproof Eyeliner is a Must Have

This summer, when you’re thinking about how to look good wet, you have to invest in a waterproof eyeliner in a bold colour. Black and brown are great for every day or nights out, but when you’re on your holidays you should push the boat out and try something a little different. How about a thin line of blue, emerald green or violet? Pencils that you can smudge before they set will give you an extra special look.


Glow before You Go

Before you hit the beach or pool make sure that you self-tan at home. This will give you a nice healthy glow from the start. Choose a gentle tan colour that won’t look orange, or too fake. Make sure you use a tan that is specifically designed to go on your face. If you decide to use the same on your body as you do on your face then you might end up with too much of a dark tone on your cheeks.


Keep Your Hair Sleek

Limp wet hair is never a good look, and more often than not, it can’t be helped. Here is a little trick to help you look great when your hair is wet. Leave your hair loose, then tip your head back and dip it in the water to create a slick, shiny effect. Next, towel dry your hair and apply your serum of choice to prevent any unwanted frizz. Then put your hair into either a top knot or a ponytail. If your hair’s frizz is uncontrollable, or your locks are too short to tie up, try wearing a sun hat.


By dipping your hair back into the ocean, you're utilizing nature's own styling product: saltwater. After you've towelled off and applied serum, style your hair while it's still damp for that effortless yet polished look. For those with curls, a dab of leave-in conditioner can substitute for serum, helping define your waves without the heaviness. And remember, a spritz of hair spray can combat the breeze. But, if all else fails, embrace the sea's tousling and enjoy the casual beach wave that comes naturally from a day spent by the water.


Choose a Lip Stain

Lipstick or lip gloss by the poolside isn’t going to last. What you need is a lip stain that will set deep and will not rub off when it gets wet. The lip stain to look out for is one which has the colour on one end and a lip gloss or balm on the other. This will prevent your lips from drying out in the sun. Choose a colour that matches your swimsuit, or how about a bright colour that really grabs attention, like coral or bright pink.



In addition to a lip stain, it's important to also consider the SPF level in your lip product. Look for a lip stain with at least SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun's harmful rays. Another tip is to exfoliate your lips before applying any lip product to ensure a smooth and even application. And don't forget to reapply throughout the day to maintain the color and protection. With the right lip stain, you can confidently rock a bold lip at the beach without worrying about constant touch-ups or smudging.


Use SPF and Moisturize

Before you take a dip make sure that you had applied sunscreen and have moisturised with a lotion that contains SPF on your face. You can burn just as easily in the water as out of it. Then reapply once you have towelled off after your swim. You won’t look good the next day if you are doing the impression of a cooked lobster.

Of course, no one is saying you can’t be beautiful without makeup at the beach (I never, ever wear any). Go au naturel if you want – just remember the rules about sunscreen and looking after your hair. And use a lip balm if you’re foregoing the lipstick/gloss.

Do you primp up for the beach or do you prefer the natural look?

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Or just don't wear makeup.

Who cares how you look when you emerge from the ocean?!

This is the stupidest post

Or just focus on enjoying your time at beach.

Recommended products, maybe?

Agree with Husna and Taylor. Who cares how you look?

well I'm a mermaid so I always look good

I don't wear makeup to the beach. In fact, I feel more beautiful when I'm at the beach. The water gives me beach hair waves and I love it.

Really??? I mean what is the pint in that. The ocean is at it natural beautiful state but oh no you have to go in with make up. no.

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