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If you want to treat yourself to some indulgent beauty products, I’ve got some amazing recommendations for you! Let’s face it, we might have enough makeup to last us through the rest of the year, but we all know that too much is never enough when it comes to beauty products. As much as I’m a fan of bargain beauty products, nothing beats using some super indulgent beauty products on yourself. Everything from the packaging to the texture of the product feels wonderfully luxurious and lavish. So just when you thought you had all the beauty products you need, I’m going to show you seven more that you didn’t even know you needed.

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V Beaute Day Job anti-Aging Sun Cream

V Beaute Day Job anti-Aging Sun Cream I know what you’re thinking, but ladies, this is not just another sunscreen. V Beaute’s anti-aging sun cream is a mineral sunscreen that won’t clog up pores and contains antioxidants, BioCellular Peptide and Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It physically blocks UVA and UVB rays and blends in seamlessly. Of all the indulgent beauty products on this list, this one is an essential since you can fight sun damage while fighting wrinkles. Find it at vbeaute.com.


Révive Intensité Volumizing Lip Serum

Révive Intensité Volumizing Lip Serum Upgrade your lip care regimen with Révive’s volumizing lip serum. Slathering on lip balm with sunscreen is helpful, but if you’re particular about the look and feel of your pucker, a lip serum can help your lips look even more kissable. Plump up your lips to fill in any lines while deeply hydrating and soothing dry, irritated skin. Smoother, younger-looking lips are yours at reviveskincare.com.


Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer

Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer If you have sensitive, dry or mature skin, it sometimes pays to use products with luxe ingredients to treat your skin to some heavy duty hydration and anti-aging benefits. Tata Harper’s Repairative Moisturizer babies your facial skin with mango butter, raw honey and fresh rose to heal, soften and soothe your skin to high heaven. This is also ideal for dry climates or as your wintertime moisturizer. Buy it at Sephora.


May Lindstrom Skin the Blue Cocoon

May Lindstrom Skin the Blue Cocoon Generally, the word cocoon conjures up images of caterpillars or 80s movies, but not this time. May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm is a calming blue-tinted balm for your face that soothes, hydrates and nourishes skin. What makes this product even more unique is that it purports to calm skin and as well as emotional anxieties. The next time your skin is stressing you out or you’re stressing your skin out, dab on this balm and breathe deeply. Get your serenity now at MayLindstrom.com.


Bare Minerals 7-Day Skin Detox Mineral Brightening Peel

Bare Minerals 7-Day Skin Detox Mineral Brightening Peel Who says your body is the only area that needs a detox? Bare Minerals has created seven powerful vials which starts off as a prepping treatment and follows with cell renewal, cell turnover, hydration and revitalization so your week ends with softer, smoother and more radiant skin. What better way to kick off the start of a new season? Start your detox by getting these at BareEscentuals.com.


Lancôme Lip Lover Dewy Color Lip Perfector

Lancôme Lip Lover Dewy Color Lip Perfector Do you fancy yourself a lipstick lover? If so, Lancôme’s new Lip Lover Lip Perfector just might change your mind about how you feel about glosses. This 3-in-1 lip product combines long-lasting color, moisture and shine so your lips looks youthful and vibrant. Available in 18 lip-hugging colors that will show your lips some serious love. Get it at Nordstrom.


Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss

Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss We’re familiar with deep conditioning treatments, shine sprays and hair masks, but glosses are also a worthy item to have in your hair care arsenal. Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Gloss comes in five different formulas for various hair colors and adds tons of shine, luster and refreshes the color and condition of your hair. Get your gloss on at Sephora.

Would you try any of these indulgent beauty products? They might seem a little expensive, but they’re ideal for those times when your standby beauty products just aren’t cutting it. What’s the most you’d ever pay for a beauty product?

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