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Luxurious Tips for the Most Fab Lashes Ever ...

By Allison

You've been applying mascara since you were a teen. You've got your routine and favorite products, but are you really a pro? Or, have you been applying mascara the wrong way your entire life? Completely change your lash game with these tips for the most fab lashes ever.

1 Buy the Right Curler

hair, face, eyebrow, blue, nose,If your eyelashes don't all fit in a traditional curler, use a half-lash curler. The small clamp lets you get the inner and outer lashes easier than a standard curler. Hold for 10 seconds to have your curl last longer.

2 Curl First

eyebrow, hair, face, brown, eyelash,Use an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. If you do it after, your lashes are at risk to be pulled out. Ouch! So curl first, mascara second.

3 Black Mascara Only

hair, face, eyebrow, nose, blond,Black is the staple color if you want your eyes to pop. There's no such thing as too dark. Lash primers almost always come in white, so if you do use one, be sure that no white is visible after applying. To make your eyes pop even more, try using a different color like light brown for your bottom lashes. The contrast in color will make them appear fuller.

4 Get a Full Lash Line

face, hair, clothing, eyebrow, nose,Don't forget your roots! Wiggle the brush back and forth starting at the roots and bringing it out to the tips to get full lashes. Apply multiple coats.

5 Wing

hair, blue, person, image, photography,Corner lashes are naturally not the longest, but these are the most crucial lashes to have lengthy if you want to make your eyes look large. Apply extra mascara to the corners to create this effect.

6 Use a Curved Wand

hair, black hair, clothing, person, mouth,Your lashes and eyelid are not a straight line like your wand, so choosing a mascara that has a curved wand will make application much easier. Size matters, too. To get lashes that look fake, use the biggest mascara wand you can find. The bigger the wand, the better.

7 Bottom Lash Love

eyebrow, face, eye, eyelash, nose,Don't forget the lashes under your eyes. To prevent smudging, place a napkin or piece of paper under your lashes to create a guard so the mascara won't get on your skin. You can also do this for your top lashes as well.

8 Water Resistant is a Must

eyebrow, face, nose, eye, brown,Humidity can also affect lashes because mascara contains lots of water. Water resistant formulas contain less water and dry much faster. But, use it sparingly--constantly wearing waterproof requires more rubbing to remove, which is bad for your lashes. Stick with regular mascara the majority of the time, and waterproof for when you're outdoors. Problem solved!

9 Extensions

eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, beauty,As nice as it is to have fake, full lashes, be warned--the harsh trauma of hot glue and removing falsies can make it difficult for lashes to regrow if you're constantly wearing fake lashes. Extensions are perfect for occasional use for formal, dressy occasions. They're a must for dances, weddings, and holidays, like Halloween!

Don't forget to remove your makeup and moisturize every single day. Petroleum jelly is perfect to put on your lashes before bedtime. If you incorporate these tips into your daily routine, you'll be sure to have the most fabulous lashes!

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