Memorial Tattoos for Anyone You've Loved and Lost ...

By Eliza

Memorial Tattoos for Anyone You've Loved and Lost ...

When you lose someone who means a lot to you, it can be hard to move on. Memorializing that person can really help you stay connected and keep that person at the forefront of your memory. A tattoo is the perfect memorial because it's a permanent reminder. Check out these thoughtful and poignant memorial tattoos and you'll see just what I mean.

1 For Your Dad

tattoo,arm,font,organ,pattern, Dad will always be in your thoughts with this tattoo.

2 With the Date

tattoo,text,font,handwriting,arm, Chances are you're not going to forget the date, but this tattoo lets you put it down in ink.

3 Angel Wings

tattoo,arm,human body,trunk,chest, This tattoo is perfect when someone you love gets their wings.

4 Declare Your Love

tattoo,arm,skin,organ,hand, You'll always love them, won't you?

5 Totally Unique

tattoo,pattern,arm,organ,design, Would you get a tattoo like this one?

6 For Your Mom

tattoo,arm,trunk,human body,chest, Miss your mom? This tattoo will put her a little closer to your heart.

7 Until We Meet Again

face,tattoo,arm,trunk,human body, Remind yourself that you'll be together again someday.

8 Get a Name Inked

Shaila,tattoo,arm,skin,leg, Your lost loved one's name is always a good choice.

9 Tiny Footprints

tattoo,arm,organ,human body,chest, This is a sweet choice if you've lost a little one.

10 In Memory of...

tattoo,arm,human body,trunk,chest, This could be for your mom or anyone you've loved and lost.

11 Use Some Initials

tattoo,arm,human body,trunk,chest, Initials can be just as powerful as an entire name.

12 Dog Tags

tattoo,arm,hand,chest,HIRST, What a special way to memorialize your fallen soldier.

13 Signature

tattoo,face,text,arm,handwriting, Use an old greeting card or note to have your loved one's signature inked on your body.

14 Goodbye Little One

tattoo,arm,figure drawing,drawing,hand, Saying goodbye to a baby is always hard, but you'll feel him close to your heart with this tattoo.

15 Angel Wings with a Heart

tattoo,pattern,arm,design,human body, I love the color and detail in this one, don't you?

16 See You Again

tattoo,arm,skin,hand,human body, This idea can give you hope in the face of loss.

17 Name and Dates

tattoo,arm,pattern,hand,font, This is a simple idea, but it's perfect for a memorial tattoo.

18 For a Police Officer

tattoo,arm,pattern,hand,human body, To serve and protect is something you won't forget with this tattoo.

19 In Loving Memory

tattoo,arm,font,symbol,drawing, Fill this one in with any name you want to.

20 For Your Pet

tattoo,arm,font,human body,chest, Your dear pet will always be remembered with this tattoo.

21 Rest in Peace

tattoo,font,arm,human body,chest, Rest in peace is always a good sentiment for a memorial tattoo.

Who are you remembering with your tattoo? Which one is your favorite?

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Crying so hard right now. My sister, Henna, died from Anencephaly so I'm gonna get the awareness ribbon as a tat with her name on the side. And then for my Grandma I'm gonna get the words For-Good connected with an infinity sign as well as the date underneath it.


Some of these are actually nicely done, like 6 & 18. Some line work on the others could have been nicer but it's the thought that counts. Somebody passed away, that's not a joke. My grandmother just passed away and I have her years on the side of my foot


None of these are "tacky" there's no such thing as tacky tattoos. Tattoos are personal and they are unique to each body. These ones are especially beautiful, they are to remember a loved one. I have 3 tattoos to honor the dead and another one this month.


I agree.


Tbh they're really tacky


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