9 Most Natural Ways to Prevent Wrinkles That Really do Work ...


9 Most Natural Ways to Prevent Wrinkles That Really do Work ...
9 Most Natural Ways to Prevent Wrinkles That Really do Work ...

If you’re looking for some natural ways to prevent wrinkles, I’ve got you covered! Believe it or not, expensive beauty creams, gels and serums aren’t the best option, and let’s be honest, they’re also pricey, not to mention toxic for your skin and body. Instead of wasting your money or time with these products, try some of my favorite natural ways to prevent wrinkles instead.

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Eat Healthy Fats

Did you know that one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles is to eat healthy fats? It’s true! Healthy fats are one of the absolute best things you can eat each day to prevent wrinkles from the inside out. Collagen is what boosts your skin cells to help them look plump, not wrinkled. Healthy fats are necessary for proper collagen production and maintenance. Some of the most beautifying choices include avocados, almonds, walnuts, coconut oil and olive oil. Regular consumption of these, along with seeds like hemp, chia, flax, and even fish like salmon, are a fantastic way to get in your healthy fats. You’ll see improvements in your skin in as little as weeks.


Choose Your Products Wisely

I know most of us aren’t willing to throw all our beauty products away, but you should make more conscious decisions with the ones you do buy. For instance, choose natural coconut oil to take off your makeup off with, as a moisturizer and as a body lotion. You’ll see huge improvements to your wrinkles, and your skin will be chemical free. Despite what all those fancy products might tell you, the chemicals in them do more damage than good. Natural is always the best choice when it comes to your skincare, and coconut oil has been proven to have multiple anti-aging benefits. Choose organic varieties whenever possible. If you do buy over the counter products, choose organic varieties made without toxic chemicals like parabens.


Get Enough Sleep

Collagen is actually manufactured overnight, so getting enough sleep is essential to proper skin cell production. Lack of sleep also contributes to depression and disease, which makes it essential to a healthy lifestyle. Be sure that you get enough sleep so you can fight wrinkles the easiest way possible, and be less stressed at the same time. While it won’t be a full proof way alone, it will make a huge difference in the long run.


Manage Stress

Stress breaks down collagen in the skin, so managing stress levels is one of the easiest, most simple ways to prevent wrinkles of all. Managing your stress can come in many forms. My personal favorites are yoga, walking outdoors in nature, taking a break from social media and my smart phone for a few hours, and reading. Yours might be eating lunch outside, talking with a friend, or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea each morning. Whatever it might be, learn to find effective ways to manage your stress. Your body and your face will reward you in major ways, I promise!


Exercise Moderately

I’m a huge advocate of physical fitness and exercise but you should do it moderately for the biggest anti-aging benefits. I'll admit that I admire those bodybuilders for their dedication to heavy lifting and pumping up with lots of protein, but over time, this practice of stress weakens collagen in the skin and ages the body quickly. Instead, just make things easy and exercise every day, but do it moderately. I like walking for 45 minutes with 30 minutes of yoga or kettlebells afterwards. Or, on another day, I might opt for 30 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of Pilates. I don’t do extremely hard exercise, and I’ve managed my weight for 3 years now doing so. My stress is also much lower than it was when I hit the gym every day. Overexercising can age the body and skin quickly, including fine lines and wrinkles.


Eat Your Antioxidants

Another tip for preventing wrinkles is to eat your antioxidants. Sure, eating healthy has many benefits, but one especially, is anti-aging benefits. Instead of concentrating on calories, concentrate on eating your antioxidants. My personal top choices for getting in anti-oxidants are leafy greens, 100% raw cacao, carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, tomatoes, avocados, lemons, nuts, seeds, and superfoods like acai berries, coconut, and chia seeds. Eating these will naturally prevent wrinkles from the inside out, and they make you glow as a result!


Try Juicing

Another trick to try to prevent wrinkles through your diet alone is juicing. Juicing has so many benefits to the human body, and preventing wrinkles truly is one of them. Green juices are the best option since they are low glycemic. It’s important to moderate your blood sugar when trying to avoid wrinkles and acne. When the blood sugar spikes, cortisol is released and your body becomes stressed easily. As you know, stress leads to wrinkles, so managing it is important for reducing wrinkles, high blood sugar, and even weight gain. Juicing green foods is one of the best ways to give your skin an elixir from the inside out. Since the fiber is gone from juice, the nutrients are immediately absorbed and ready to make you beautiful! Just be sure to eat a light meal after your juice. Though you’ve got plenty of nutrients from your juice, your body still needs food. Choose a healthy option about 20 minutes after your juice.


Sleep on Satin

Sleeping on cotton sheets with your face down might not seem like it causes wrinkles, but it may. Opt to sleep on your back, and use satin pillow cases. These are softer on your skin in case you do turn over in the middle of the night. Don’t fret about sleeping on your side, but just be aware that any pressure you continuously put on your face for a long period of time like sleeping, will contribute to collagen breakdown overtime, and also cause puffiness as a whole other issue.


Drink Water

Avoid caffeine however possible if you want to be wrinkle free naturally. I think that green tea is an okay option if you need something to get you going each day, but overall, I’d advise avoiding caffeine from coffee and black tea. Both are acidic by nature, and break down collagen in the skin, despite their other benefits. A better option is water with lemon, either hot or lukewarm, and herbal tea. Water is a free way to hydrate your cells and will prevent wrinkles naturally. I don’t know about you, but if it’s free, I’m all for it!

Preventing wrinkles isn’t impossible forever, but these simple tips really will make a huge difference over time. Do you have any natural ways to prevent wrinkles?

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@jojo don't forget to moisturize your neck and use sunscreen on it too... nowadays you can tell people's age more on their neck and hands because they neglect taking care of them.

I don't have wrinkles on my face but got them really ugly on my neck!!! ??

Never leave the house without SPF on your face!!!!

@Abir Saad, what is?

All true :)

hi i have a question,after i use eye cream can i put even the sun protect cream on it ?

I try to avoid the sun on my face as much as possible and I wear sunglasses all the time.

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