7 Must-Have Beauty Products to Keep at Work ...


7 Must-Have Beauty Products to Keep at Work ...
7 Must-Have Beauty Products to Keep at Work ...

Ladies, we all have a stash of emergency chocolate, heels or pieces of clothing in our cubicle in case of a hot date after hours, but I’d like to talk about some must-have beauty products to keep at work for any occasion. Whether you just want to freshen up or you had one of those crazy mornings and need to finish getting ready at work, these are items you need! Keep these 7 items handy at your desk and you’ll never feel under-prepared again!

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Hand Cream

One of the more obvious beauty products to keep at work is hand cream. You probably wash your hands a lot throughout the day and you want to keep your hands as soft as possible. That way, when you accidentally brush up against a sexy stranger at happy hour, your hands will be smooth as silk. Other good reasons to keep lotion on hand are to tame flyaways, lubricate dry skin on heels on knees, and to keep hands moisturized to avoid paper cuts.


Essential Oil

Essential oils are part of the essential office beauty supplies in my book! Keep a couple of bottles in your desk for some aromatherapy, like for those times when you feel stressed. Apply it to your temples and neck when you have a headache or just keep a pleasant scent nearby for those times you need to invigorate your senses. You can also use these as a last minute fragrance if you need perfume but don’t have any on hand.


Blotting Sheets

Blotting papers are definitely one of the most-loved and used beauty products to keep at work for ladies with oily skin or for those who like to use a sheet before touching up their makeup midday. Blotting papers aren’t for everyone but if you have oily or combination skin or your skin tends to get slightly oilier in warmer weather, oil-blotting papers can help you get a nice, clean canvas before reapplying powder on your face. For the ladies who go sans makeup, these blotting sheets can be used after applying sunscreen or a heavy moisturizer so your face doesn’t appear greasy!


Two-in-One Makeup

One of the top beauty essentials to keep at your desk is a good two-in-one beauty product that can double or triple its use! You don’t have to buy a product that’s specifically made for multi-purpose use either, just experiment! You can definitely use lipstick as a blush and eye color in a pinch, just make sure the color works well for all of those areas and doesn’t look too matchy-matchy. Dark matte eye shadow can double as a brow filler and can be used to contour your face!


Pressed Powder

I never leave home without this beauty product, but I also keep a spare in my desk as a backup too! Most pressed powders have a mirrored compact, which is awesome for touch-ups and to make sure you have nothing in your teeth. I like keeping pressed powder on standby so I can do touch-ups during the day and look more pulled together and fresh. You never know what VIPs might stroll in the office so it’s always good to have backup makeup on hand!


Hair Ties

You had good intentions when you styled your hair this morning but by 10am your hair is starting to look a little more Sideshow Bob than Rihanna. For instances like this, hair ties are one of the perfect beauty essentials to keep at your desk! Hair ties can save you and a co-worker from bad hair, help you deal with the broken AC in the office or to quickly change your hair do from blah to braided!


Body Spray

Body sprays are some of the most indispensable beauty products to keep at work! Body sprays are great for those days when you forget your signature fragrance, need a quick pick-me-up during the day or need to deodorize a room or your car. I realize that many people have allergies to fragrances so use caution and care when using sprays at work. However, travel sized body sprays are ideal if you need to quickly freshen up after work!

There are so many fabulous beauty products to keep at work that can come in handy for days when you’re really rushed for time, but it’s best to keep your work beauty arsenal as small as possible to avoid looking disorganized or like you turned your desk into a vanity. Stow away some essentials for mini emergencies and you’ll be ready to tackle anything your boss throws your way looking perfectly polished! What are some of your must-haves at the office?

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