7 Perfect Beauty Resolutions for 2024


7 Perfect Beauty Resolutions for 2024
7 Perfect Beauty Resolutions for 2024

Beauty resolutions are some you should definitely add to your list this year. That’s because the beginning of a new year is a great time to make some easy changes to your routine that you can stick with. There are so many beauty resolutions you can make, but I’ve put together a fun list of some to get you started. I hope they inspire you to be the person you want to be and look like her too. Let me know how things work out.

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Smile More

A smile can instantly make you more gorgeous. Most people report that when a woman smiles, she looks lovely. So one of your top beauty resolutions this year should be to smile more. Do the things that make you happy, take up a new hobby or make it a point to watch more funny movies. Whatever it takes, make sure you smile with your face and your eyes as much as possible.


Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can wreak havoc on many aspects of beauty. The chemicals can leave your skin looking dull and dry. The repeated motions of sucking on a cigarette can lead to wrinkles. Make this the year you toss them for good. You’ll love how radiant you look and you’ll know you’re doing your best to protect your health all year long. Talk to your doctor if you need help.


Quit Picking at Pimples

It’s so tempting, I know! If you break open a zit, you run the risk of bacteria getting in, which can make acne worse, plus lead to other problems. That includes a skin infection and scars on your skin. It’s best to leave pimples alone and let them go away on their own. If you have persistent or bad acne, talk to your dermatologist about a prescription medication that can help.


Try Something New

Whether it’s a new eyeshadow color or a new hairstyle, make it resolution to try something new this year. I plan to try some new make-up colors and to experiment with styles for curly hair. Trying something new might mean you find a fabulous new look that you love and it’s just fun to experiment.


Be Sun Safe

You know that too much sun exposure ups your risk of skin cancer and increases the signs of aging. Resolve to be more sun safe this year. That means wearing sunscreen when you’re outdoors and taking good care of your skin each and every day. You can’t reverse past sun damage, but you can definitely put your foot down and stop it from here on it out.


Cut Back on Heat Styling

The natural look is in right now, which means you don’t have to spend hours heat styling your hair. I have curly hair and a few years ago, I gave up straightening it every day. It’s way healthier and more beautiful now. Plus, it saves me tons of time in the morning. Heat styling damages hair and takes time, so make one of your resolutions to cut back on how often you blow dry, curl and straighten your locks.


Sleep More

I know full well how hard it is to invest in enough sleep time each day. I have a job, three kids and a marriage to attend to each day, so who has time to sleep? I try to make sure I get enough though, because lack of sleep can show in your skin and hair. Most women need 7 to 9 hours each night to look and feel their most beautiful. Aim to slowly increase your snooze time until you hit your magic number.

What are your beauty resolutions for 2019? Inspire the rest of us by sharing them here. Cheers!

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Also moisturize. I was told by an employee in Benefit store that if you don't moisturize a $200 foundation would look like a $2 foundation

Another good one is to remove makeup before going to bed. Tons of girls are often too tired to do it and it really shows on the skin because it causes breakouts.

How about drinking more water

Use less makeup..moisturize our skin and lips

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