7 Beauty Rituals You Don't Actually Need to do to Be Attractive ...

By Holly

7 Beauty Rituals You Don't Actually Need to do to Be Attractive ...

Even though it's important to follow through on your beauty rituals, sometimes it's hard to set aside enough time for them. While you should try to do them as often as possible, it's not the end of the world if you forget to do one once or twice. Skipping a beauty ritual shouldn't make you feel like you're unattractive. Even if you occasionally skip these beauty rituals, you're still an attractive woman:

1 Shaving

If you don't have time to shave one day, don't feel ashamed to leave the house. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of hair--everyone has it. Men don't feel obliged to shave off every inch of their body hair, so why should you? Even though you're conditioned to be embarrassed about it, you shouldn't be. You can always shave it off the next morning, anyway.

2 Painting Nails

We all love to have freshly painted nails, but sometimes the polish will chip or the nail will break off entirely. You can't freak out when that happens, because no one is going to notice the problem anyway. So if you don't have enough time in your schedule to repaint your nails, let them stay chipped. Most women will understand your struggle.

3 Style Hair

You want to straighten your hair every single day, but if you're in too much of a rush one day, there's nothing wrong with throwing a hat on it or pushing it back into a ponytail. Most of the time, you'll end up looking like you intended to create the look instead of looking like you were forced to cover up your waves.

4 Flossing

Let's face it, most people don't do this at all. While it's important to floss as often as you can, there's nothing wrong with forgetting to do it one day. Even if you forget to brush your teeth, you can always pop a mint or a piece of gum. There are always ways to cover up your mistake.

5 Spritzing on Perfume

If you forget to put on perfume or even deodorant, don't spend the day worrying about your scent. Unless you've been sweating through your shirt, you're probably fine. Don't freak out over the situation, because others have been in your shoes.

6 Contacts

Some people loathe the way that they look with glasses and hate being seen with them on. However, if your contacts are bothering you one morning or you don't have time to put them in, you shouldn't try to hide yourself away for the whole day. You're gorgeous, whether your eyes are in full view or hidden behind glasses, so keep carrying yourself with pride.

7 Applying Makeup

If you don't have time to apply your makeup in the morning, don't be embarrassed to leave the house. You might not like the way you look without eyeshadow and lipstick, but no one else will care about the natural look. In fact, you'll probably get compliments on your pretty face.

While you don't want to make it a habit to skip any of these important routines, you shouldn't feel ugly if you forget to do them every once in a while. Beauty comes from the inside, anyway. Have you ever been embarrassed, because you've forgotten to do one of these beauty rituals?

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I had no idea women could be so judgmental. Who cares if a lady you see doesn't have perfect nails?? Not everyone has that luxury


For the love of all things holy: SHE NEVER SAID TO NOT BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Stop repeating the same comments smh


Everyone is bent out of shape over chipped nail polish... Honestly...


Brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant are components of basic hygiene and should not be forgotten.


And please lady's, if your nail polish chipped, don't go outside with chipped nails. Remove the nail polish and file your nails. A woman needs to look neat, and if your nail polish is chipped EVERYONE will notice.


"Men don't feel obliged to shave off every inch of their body hair, so why should you? " because I am a woman? This is not even logical, you cannot compare a man to a woman. I wonder about the intelligence of a person who wrote this article


Please do brush your teeth... how can you possibly forget that?!!


Please stop the drama with flossing


I can't believe I wasted my time reading this. Was this writer paid for this ? If not,I hope she has dental insurance to help pay for her periodontal disease due to no flossing.


I agree with 3,6 and 7! But please do floss!


Brush everyday ! Omg no a mint is not enough.


I rarely floss and my dentist always praise my teeth so I don't see the big deal about flossing regularly. I only floss when I feel food stuck in my teeth


If you forget your perfume you can always pop into a department store and spritz with one of their samples. And you can cover up your unshaven legs with pants or maxi.


Chipped nails are not a good look as left over time this looks tacky,Someone will notice this. Brushing your teeth good hygiene which should naturally fall into your morning routine.


The rest is understanle but FLOSSING no way I think its realy important its not beuty routine its part of hygine actualy


Oh please! I floss once every blue moon and I'm doing just fine!


I think we should ALWAYS look our best!!!!😍


I'm sorry but how is painting nails or makeup an important routine? I only wear makeup on special occasions and I maybe paint my nail once a year


Pointing out the obvious. VERY creative.




Sometimes I wish I never started putting on makeup on the first place so I would be so insecure without it :(


I know that missing a day of flossing happens sometimes, but I hope this article doesn't give the message that it doesn't really matter. Some people may get the wrong idea here. As a dental professional, I can say with confidence that flossing is the best dental insurance of all. Please ladies, make it a regular habit!


Forgetting to floss, not brushing teeth and having chipped polish are big No No's!


Flossing is really important help with the condition of your teeth and gums in general. You feel so good at the end of it


I think most of this is a great message except for the flossing...flossing is a hygiene/health thing and even if your teeth look fine anyway, you should try not to skip for the sake of your gums.


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