Why You Should Embrace Your Imperfections ...

By Alison

Why You Should Embrace Your Imperfections ...

There are many reasons to love your imperfections, instead of criticising yourself for not being perfect. We often complain about the things we see as being wrong with our appearance. But the only thing that's wrong is being so hard on ourselves. Nobody's perfect and it's unrealistic and unhealthy to aspire to perfection. Here are some reasons to love your imperfections and even celebrate them …

Table of contents:

  1. unique
  2. part of your history
  3. character
  4. perfection is unachievable
  5. appeal to others
  6. healthier
  7. how you are

1 Unique

One of the reasons to love your imperfections is that they're unique. They're part of what creates your appearance and makes you familiar to others. Would you really want to iron out your individuality and look like everyone else? So you might think that a different nose would make you look better, but if you tried photoshopping your nose you'd see that it would make you look unlike yourself.

2 Part of Your History

Your physical quirks are part of your history. I have substantial surgical scars, but they've never bothered me. I see them as proof that I survived, and I'd never be afraid to show them. So if you've broken your nose or you have moles, don't be ashamed that you don't fit an idea of perfection. Why should anyone else dictate how you should look?

3 Character

Our imperfections give us character. Just look at how celebrities and actresses are starting to all look alike - the cosmetic surgeries and treatments they go through remove their individuality and make them look like clones. Why would you want to wipe your individuality out and look like everyone else?

4 Perfection is Unachievable

Most of us focus on something we see as an imperfection, and form a dislike for that part of us. Yet it's very likely that other people barely notice these 'problems,' if at all. And perfection doesn't exist. It's unachievable. So it's really pointless focusing on these perceived imperfections and wishing we could change them.

5 Appeal to Others

Everyone has things they dislike about their appearance. But very often the things that we dislike are actually appealing to other people. I can guarantee that if you hate having red hair, for example, there are plenty of people who envy your amazing hair color! So don't hate your own imperfections, as other people may love them.

6 Healthier

Disliking things about yourself puts you in a negative state of mind and can lead to you obsessing over these perceived imperfections. It's much healthier for you not to fret over these things. So what if you're not perfect? Nobody is, and that's okay. Learn to accept yourself and stop worrying about things that don't matter.

7 How You Are

Finally, why not accept that you are the way you are? We all have things about ourselves that we'd like to change, but some things can't be changed - and anyway there's nothing at all wrong with being how we are. Our imperfections are part of what makes us who we are.

So love your imperfections - you wouldn't be who you are without them. They make you interesting and individual, and you can be sure that other people either like them or don't even notice them. Don't waste your life wishing that you were taller, slimmer or had amazing cheekbones. Some things you can't change, and others you shouldn't. What 'imperfections' do you have that you love?

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