9 Ways to Stay Beautiful without Spending Tons of Cash for Girls on a Budget ...


9 Ways to Stay Beautiful without Spending Tons of Cash for Girls on a Budget ...
9 Ways to Stay Beautiful without Spending Tons of Cash for Girls on a Budget ...

I'm always looking for new ways to save on beauty treatments. It's insane just how quickly salon and spa treatments and massages add up. Needless to say, I definitely don't feel better about myself when my bank account looks pathetic. Instead of stressing out or giving them up, I find ways to save on beauty treatments. Why pay more when you can get the same things for less?

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Discount Sites

One of my absolute favorite ways to save on beauty treatments is to keep an eye on discount sites. My two main haunts are Groupon and Living Social. They have tons of local beauty treatment deals for hair, nails, massages, makeovers and much more. Usually, you can find prices slashed by 50% or more. Check with your local newspapers and TV networks for specific local deal sites with even more amazing savings.


Ask for Combo Deals

If I'm getting highlights in my hair, I might also pick up my favorite shampoo and conditioner while I'm there. I also have them trim and style my hair at the same time. I could pay for everything separately or get the entire package at a discount. You'll need to speak with the manager, but most will offer you as much as 25% discount if you have multiple treatments during a single session.


Wait for Special Offers

If you've shared you email or mailing address with a salon or spa, odds are, they'll send you special offers from time to time. If the treatment isn't an emergency, wait until you receive a discount for the holidays or simply an offer to get you to come back in. I've gotten half price cuts, free manicures and two-for-one product offers in the past. In just a single month, I saved over $100 by checking my email.


Follow on Social Media

Most businesses offering beauty treatments have a social presence. Look for your favorite places on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other network you frequent. Many places post special offers only on their social media channels. All you have to do is come in at the advertised time or say a special word to get the discount. Some might not offer the discount unless you share a post. Either way, you get cheaper treatments.


Ask for Loyalty Discounts

Always visit the same place or use the same person? Why not ask for a loyalty discount? The prices for beauty treatments are always marked up to allow for a hefty profit. If you're a regular customer, ask for loyalty discounts. While it may not apply to every treatment, it may apply to the ones you have most often.


Offer Something in Return

Odds are, this one will only apply to a handful of people, but it's still a great way to save. If you offer a service that may be of value to the business owner, offer it in exchange of cheaper or even free beauty treatments. For instance, I get free facials in exchange for writing promotional material for my area salon. It's a fair trade, but keeps my wallet happy.


Provide Recommendations

Most beauty businesses are always looking for new customers. Why not offer to help them out? If you have a large social media following or an impressive circle of friends and acquaintances, ask for a discount for promoting the business. The manager may offer discounts on future treatments for every set number of new customers you send their way. Either way, it's a win-win for everyone involved.


Try Smaller Businesses

Large chains and well-established larger businesses often charge higher prices for the exact same services you could get at smaller businesses. Trust me, sometimes the smaller, local beauty businesses offer even higher quality services at a fraction of the cost. Since they don't spend as much on promotion or unnecessary amenities, they can afford to charge less.


Explain Why You Can't Afford It

If you frequent specific places for regular treatments, but you've fallen on hard times, explain why you can no longer afford to come in. Most businesses would rather offer a discount than lose a loyal customer. Plus, they hope if they treat you right, you'll recommend them. While it doesn't always work, it doesn't hurt to at least ask.

You don't always have to pay an arm and a leg for your favorite beauty treatments. Discounts are available if you know how to look for them. Never be afraid to ask for lower prices or special offers. What other ways have you used to get lower cost beauty treatments?

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