Post-Workout Beauty Tricks to Look Fantastic Right from the Gym ...

By Carly

Post-Workout Beauty Tricks to Look Fantastic Right from the Gym ...

Every girl needs some post workout beauty tricks. If you’re a good, motivated girl, you will still be working out even though the winter months are upon us and the holiday season is in full swing! Sticking to your exercise regime while at the same time having to organize a hectic festive season schedule can be a really tricky thing, and if you are super dedicated, you might often find yourself with little time between hitting the gym and hitting the dance floor with your friends and colleagues. At times like this, it can be really useful to know some simple post workout beauty tricks. These are some great ways to look fantastic straight out of the gym!

1 Keep Things Clean

It is always best to remove all of your makeup before you start your workout because it means that there will be much less maintenance work to do afterward. You can prevent breakouts by keeping some gentle cleansing wipes in your gym bag. After your routine is through, go straight for some gentle cleanser and moisturizer to retain that soft post workout glow feeling. This is one of the best post workout beauty tricks you'll ever find.

2 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best things that you can use on your skin. Not only is it wonderfully hydrating, but it can also soothe and treat inflammation. Dab some coconut oil under your eyes and on your cheekbones after you have showered and you will be smooth and will smell gorgeous, like a tropical paradise!

3 Hydrate

One of the most important beauty tips that you can link to working out isn’t even in the form of a product, it’s just water! It is essential that you stay as hydrated as possible when working out, because it will do the double job of keeping your skin gorgeous and boosting your metabolism so that you can burn more calories quicker. If you want something a little more flavourful, you can always buy a fancy water bottle that allows you to infuse the water with your favourite fruits.

4 Easy Braid

Your hair and the way that you style it can always be a problem during workout sessions. A style that is both practical and still looks good enough for an Insta snap is a simple easy braid. The easier the better, because you need your hairstyle to be something that is easy to fashion in the locker room after you have jumped in the shower. With an easy braid, you can go right from the gym to brunch while still looking beautiful!

5 Simple Makeup

Less is more when it comes to achieving a good makeup look after working out. You will have a natural glow from the exercise, so it should really just be about accenting that with thinks like pretty pink lipsticks, cheek stain and a touch of bronzer.

6 Nourishment

Treat your body like the temple that it is by eating as many leafy greens as you can. Leafy greens are packed full of nutrients, and they will help you be healthier for your workouts and will also aid you in your quest for glowing skin. A green smoothie is an excellent post workout snack.

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