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7 Quirky Physical Traits That Make You Beautiful ...

By Eliza

I love quirky physical traits! Those are what make people unique individuals that you won’t forget. I know that when you have one of those traits, you might hate it or call it your worst flaw. I’ve totally been there! However, people across the world will say that those quirky physical traits are the ones they love most when they meet and get to know someone new. Check these out and get ready to be awed by the beauty all around you.

1 Crooked Teeth

Slightly crooked teeth are one of those quirky physical traits that make a person who they are. That gap between the front teeth or the slightly off tooth on the bottom are what make a person special. Think about Jewel’s so called snaggle tooth. She’s absolutely beautiful despite the fact that her teeth aren’t gleaming white and totally straight. So if you don’t have that kind of smile either, don’t despair – you’re gorgeous just the way you are!

2 Bushy Eyebrows

If you’re lucky enough to have thick, full brows – well I’m jealous. Go ahead and pluck those strays and comb your brows as needed to make them look sleek and sophisticated, but never hate them. Girls all over the world would kill to have brows that didn’t have to be filled in all the time.

3 Muscular Calves

I’m all for a toned and healthy body, but my calves are ridiculous. Even just a small amount of exercise and they bulk right up. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but in a world of skinny jeans and knee high boots, the wrong choice can leave my lower legs looking like stuffed sausages in a hurry. Never fear – if you have the same issue, finding the right clothes will let you rock those legs in whatever style you love the most.

4 Unique Eye Colors

Whether it’s a blue that borders on white or even purple irises, a really unique eye color is a trait that makes you different, but absolutely beautiful. Rock those eyes by highlighting them with the right make-up and accessory choices. You’ll find people taking a double take all over the place.

5 Thin Fingers

I’m talking long, super thin fingers that have a ring size that has to be special ordered. There’s something elegant and classy about this quirk. Plus, with long, thin fingers you can easily become a piano master. Oh, and texting on your phone is infinitely easier if the ends of your fingers are actually smaller than the buttons.

6 Red Hair

I have always wished for red hair. I knew I wasn’t going to get it naturally so I hoped for kids with red hair. My dad turns out to be the only one who got it, but anyone else who does is lucky. Lustrous red hair stands out and makes you something special. Trust me, girls around the globe try to achieve that look at the salon. Rock that red!

7 Dimples

Some people feel like dimples make them look like little kids. I disagree. There’s nothing more beautiful than dimples that stand out when you laugh or smile. That goes for men, women and kids. Not everyone is lucky enough to have noticeable dimples, but if you do, play them up.

What’s your quirky physical trait? Do you hate it or love it?

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