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7 Reasons to Spend Time in a Beauty Product Store ...

By Eliza

I love hanging out the beauty store. The symmetrical and color coded design just calms me and makes me feel like there is order in the world. All joking aside, there are plenty of reasons to frequent the beauty store near you. You’ll love what it can get you and you’ll love how awesome you’ll look when you go home and try all your new loot. Here are some of the best reasons to spend some time in a beauty product store.

1 It’s Fun

What better reason could there be? Going to the beauty product store is just fun. There’s tons of things to look at and loads of ways you can change up your look whenever the mood strikes. Next time you need a pick me up, stroll a beauty store and I guarantee you’ll be feeling better in no time.

2 Free Samples

Did you know that most beauty stores will allow you to sample their products before you buy? They usually put out try-it type products on their displays that let you sniff it or smear it on your hand to see if you like the color or feel of it. Some stores will allow you to take home samples that you can get your money back on if they don’t make you entirely happy. You can’t beat that!


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3 Up on the Latest

If you spend enough time at the beauty store, you’ll always know when something new hits store shelves. That gives you top choice when it comes to something innovative that can change your beauty routine. Whether it’s a make-up trend, a new lotion or a new hair styling product, you’ll always know when something new comes out. You’ll have the edge over everyone.

4 Tips and Tricks

The staff that work at beauty stores have all sorts of knowledge about beauty products and trends that they can share with you. If you want information on a certain product or advice on how to achieve a certain look, all you have to do is ask! And chances are, if the person you ask doesn’t know, they can easily find out for you.

5 Saving Money

When you hang out at the beauty store all the time, you’ll get a feel for when things tend to go on sale. Also, you’ll be able to cruise the clearance aisle periodically and save some cash on things that you want, but can’t afford at regular price. When you shop often, you can save some dough on the things you buy anyway by catching all the best sales.

6 Loyalty

Shop somewhere long enough and eventually the staff will come to know you. That’s great because they’ll be more likely to share perks and specials that you might not have known about. Plus, as a loyal customer, you’ll get preferential treatment and access to coupons and deals that others might not. It pays to loiter, right?

7 Employment

Love all things beauty? At a crossroads or trying to decide what to do with your life? You might just find it at the beauty store. You can meet new people and find out about job openings in the field. Maybe you’ll land your dream job or meet someone who can plug you into the field.

Why do you hang out in the beauty store? The nail polish section does it for me every time! What’s your favorite beauty store?

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