8 Ways to Make Beauty Products Last ...


8 Ways to Make Beauty Products Last ...
8 Ways to Make Beauty Products Last ...

Buying all of the latest and greatest beauty products can get expensive and these days we’d be crazy not to try to get the most of all our cosmetics so I’m here to show you how to make beauty products last longer. With these easy tips you can help make your products last longer and get the most use out of them so even if you run out of one thing, you can combine it with other things to get a totally different product!

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Put a Lid on It

If you want to know how to make beauty products last longer, one of the key rules to remember is to keep containers closed and to not allow air or dust in your products. Allowing air into your containers will make the product go bad faster and the less you touch you products, the less chance you have of contaminating it with any bacteria that you might have come in contact with so always handle creams in jars with clean hands and keeps lids tight!


Avoid Heat

Keeping your cosmetics including hair products and perfume away from heat and moisture is a sure way to make beauty products last. You probably keep your shampoo and conditioner in your shower and that’s fine, just make sure you keep the lids closed to prevent air and water from getting in breaking up the ingredients and store your perfume in a dark and cool area to enjoy it for years to come. Storing your makeup in a hot area like your car can break down the preservatives in making it more susceptible to exposure to bacteria.


Mix to Match

Mixing your leftover makeup is another valuable step in how to makeup beauty products last longer. For example if you have a little bit of bronzer leftover too much to throw out but not enough to keep the container, mix your bronzer with moisturizer to make a highlight for your face or a body shimmer. Mix your remaining lipsticks together to create a custom blush or brand new shade of lipstick. There are so many possibilities with makeup so get creative and experiment!


Cotton Picky

The next time you’re shopping for cotton, choose the cotton pads over cotton balls as a way to make beauty products last longer. Not only are cotton pads cheaper, cotton balls soak up more product so whether it’s eye makeup remover or toner, using a cotton pad takes less product to saturate the surface resulting in using less of your beauty product overall. Cotton pads also have a bigger surface to work with so you’ll use less pads when removing makeup or nail polish.


Custom Colors

Yet another way to create custom colors for yourself and how to make beauty products last longer is to mix up your remaining eye shadows to make a new color. You can also mix leftover eye shadow with clear nail polish to make a rad new nail color also. If you have polish that you love but it’s getting a little on the thick side and getting hard to use, invest in some nail polish thinner, add to your polish and it’s like new!

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Keep Cool

I bet you’d never think of your refrigerator as a means of preserving your makeup but storing your products in the ice box is another way to make beauty products last! Keep your nail polish, pencil liners and perfumes in the fridge to keep them cool and prolong their life span. Make sure your makeup is tightly sealed so your food doesn’t smell like Chanel No. 5 and your food doesn’t co-mingle with your makeup! Beauty may be my life but musky fragrances and my leftover mac n’ cheese doesn’t mix!


Add Alcohol

This is probably one of the most popular tips in how to make beauty products last longer but it’s worth mentioning again. Adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol to a broken powder, eye shadow or blush and packing it back in the tin with a spoon will reset the product and it’s like the accident never happened! This trick can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run, who wants to replace makeup when you haven’t even hit pan yet!


Brush Makeover

Here’s a tip on ways to make beauty products last that I hadn’t heard about before-taking pliers to your old makeup brush to secure the bristles and make it secure again. Wrap the neck or metal portion of your makeup brush with a paper towel to prevent dents from the pliers and squeeze the metal portion to stiffen and secure bristles! Even if your makeup brush lost some of the bristles, tightening up the neck allows you to continue to use it and keep on truckin’!

There are so many different ways to make cosmetics last that this list on how to make beauty products last longer could’ve gone on for several more pages! A little creativity and patience is all you need start saving your makeup and your hard earned money! Do you have any favorite ways to prolong the life of your beauty products?

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