Lazy Beauty 7 Amazing Products in Spray Form You Must Own ...

By Eliza

Lazy Beauty 7 Amazing Products in Spray Form You Must Own ...

Who doesn’t want a beauty routine that is fast and easy, but still leaves you looking gorgeous? I know that’s what I want! Luckily, makeup and beauty manufacturers worldwide are coming to the rescue with your favorite items in spray form. Because you are able to spray them, it cuts down on your prep time, but you won’t have to sacrifice the look you want. You can find these products online and in stores so you won’t ever be without them.

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1 Smell Busting Deodorant

If you’re afraid of trying spray deodorant, you shouldn’t be. It has come a long way since your teen years. Now spray deodorants are designed to go on clear and dry instantly so you won’t have to worry about marks on your clothes. The containers are also smaller than the old days so they’re much more discreet.

2 Conceal Those Roots

Has it been too long since you made it to the salon for a touchup? We’ve all been there, but now you don’t need to suffer through until you can get fit in an appointment. Simply use a root concealer spray to even things back out and turn your tresses into the lovely locks you want. The tinted powder comes in many shades and covers greys as well as grown out roots that are too obvious.

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3 Pre-Makeup Primer

It’s no secret that a primer product will help your makeup go on smooth and flawless. However, it definitely adds time to your routine to have to get it slicked on evenly and completely. Why not spray it on instead? All you have to do is spritz the spray primer on your face before you apply your foundation. What could be easier?

4 Dry Shampoo Your Locks

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver if you want to refresh your hair between washes. A dry shampoo goes into the roots of your hair and soaks up oil and grease so you can mask unwashed hair until you hit the shower. This is a great way to give new life to your strands after a lunchtime workout or on a morning when you slept through the alarm and can’t be late.

5 Hydrate Dry Skin

Traditional lotion is liquid and must be rubbed in well with each application. New spray lotion makes it easy to hydrate your skin without having to wait for the product to absorb before getting dressed. The spray is infused with skin smoothers and softeners that your body needs to stay moisturized and healthy. Go ahead – spray away!

6 No More Nail Smudges

What if someone invented a product that dries your nail polish instantly so you never have to worry about a smudge again? Someone has! It’s called drying spray and you spritz it on your manicure so that the color hardens and dries. Perfect, right?

7 Messed up Makeup is a Thing of the past

Don’t you just hate it when you finish your entire look and then you accidentally smudge your eye makeup? Me too! By using a makeup setting spray, you can keep your look intact without much effort. The spray goes on your face and helps keep your makeup from fading, settling in fine lines and getting smudged across your face. Use it every day and you’ll be so glad you did.

Are you rushing out to pick up one of these products right now? Which one do you think you’ll love the most?

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Nyx setting spray or urban decay and colored dry shampoo brand batiste dry shampoo is a good brand

Brand names ? :(

L'ANZA texturing spray is awesome dry shampoo too

Already have it in Dewey form. I love it even though I'm a shiner..

My favorite dry shampoo is Pureology a they have a great spray conditioner for the ends of your hair, smells good too!

There are no mentions of any brand names or recommendations. :/

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