5 Scientific Ways to Make Yourself Hotter ...


5 Scientific Ways to Make Yourself Hotter ...
5 Scientific Ways to Make Yourself Hotter ...

Here’s the thing. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that what floats one person’s boat doesn’t necessarily do anything for another, but alongside all of that objective opinion about looks, there is always a generic layer of standards that we are all striving to meet! Believe it or not, even people as stunning as Blake Lively or Gigi Hadid are constantly looking for ways to make themselves even more attractive! If you are thinking along the same lines, then science might be able to help! Here are five scientific ways to make yourself hotter,

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Eye Contact

It has been proven that making eye contact with a crush is a sure fire to both get their undivided attention and spark a more meaningful connection. Eye contact is a way to increase feelings of intimacy between people, so it is a great place to start when you are aiming to make yourself more attractive to someone!


Good Listener

Deep down, we are all a little bit narcissistic, and as a result we are attracted to people who think we are good listeners and really taking in what we say. If you want to seem more attractive to someone, then do the the courtesy of really listening to them!


Body Contact

Try to be more tactile with the person in question, not in a creepy way, but in such a way that it builds a familiarity and connection between the two you. I’m talking about things like hugs, arm touches when talking, a light hand on a shoulder etc. Let’s not forget though, that consent is the number one concern, so you should only be tactile like this if the person is responding positively!



Make sure to compliment your crush on a regular basis! This is another tip that plays into the narcissistic qualities we all possess, and showering someone with praise is always going to make them look upon you more favourably!



It’s as simple as that, just smile! The visual image of someone smiling is something that conjures only positive vibes. It makes you seem more confident, more approachable, more friendly ... all of the qualities that people might be looking for in a potential love interest! And plus, your features are at their best when you are smiling!

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