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Simple Tricks to Make Your Boobs Look Bigger ...

By Carly

Here’s the thing. Sure, in an ideal world, we should all be happy and proud about the boobs that we are naturally blessed with, but there is no denying the fact that sometimes, for certain occasions, you want to try to boost what your mamma gave you! There is nothing wrong with mastering a few tricks of the trade when it comes to increasing your bust! Here are some simple tips to make your boobs look bigger.

1 Posture

You’d be amazed at how much bigger your boobs can look if you just make the effort to stand up straight! Head up, shoulders back and your chest naturally puffs out. You can get away with looking at least one cup size larger than you did the second before!

2 Stripes

They say that vertical stripes can help to make you look slimmer, so it makes sense that horizontal stripes might make a certain area look larger! Your bust can be made to look that little bit wider if you can find a horizontally striped top to stretch over it!

3 Makeup

You will know all about this if you know anything about drag queens! Contouringyour chest can give you the appearance of lovely large cleavage and bust if you perfect it.

4 The Pill

Making your boobs look bigger is obviously not reason enough to go on the pill, but if you are thinking about starting that form of contraception anyway, then be aware that it might be able to give you a swelling boost in that area too!

5 Padded Bra

Of course, the most logical step is to just head to a store and invest in a good quality padded bra! They have stood the test of time to still be a staple of most girl’s wardrobes, so buy yourself a few and wear them in regular rotation to keep your boobs looking nice and big all the time!

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