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The 7 Absolute Most Important Beauty Routines to Start before You Turn 18 ...

By Carly

When you think about regular beauty routines and preservative efforts, you probably conjure up images of middle-aged and older woman who are applying all sorts of creams and serums in order to stave off wrinkles and grey hairs, but the truth is that we should all be starting these kinds of routines much earlier than we do! Think about it; if you wait until you are forty plus to start treating your skin well, then much of the damage will already have been done! When it comes to self care, both physical and emotional, there is no such thing as too soon. Here are the most important beauty routines to start before you turn 18.

1 Sunscreen

You need to get in to the habit of putting on sunscreen regularly, not just when the annual three-week heatwave hits! The longer you protect your skin from UV rays, the healthier and younger it will look even in to your old age.

2 Eye Cream

It’s never too early to start using anti-wrinkle eye cream! The more you use it, the more supple and youthful that sensitive skin around your eyes will remain, and this is important because it is usually that area that starts to show signs of age first.

3 Face Wash

There is absolutely no excuse not to wash your face every night! Getting all of the days dirt, oil and debris from your pores is the best thing you can do to keep your face looking fresh well in to your old age. It’s even more important in your pre 18 era because hormones can wreak havoc on the skin!

4 Face Mask

Find a face mask that you like and that works for you, and stick with it for years and years. The more consistent your usage of products is, the more settled and happy your skin is going to be in the future. Skin doesn’t do well with constant changes, it can cause irritation and breakouts.

5 Hair

Get in to doing hair masks as well as face masks. Simple shampooing and conditioning is good, but if you want to set your hair up for better health in old age, repairing and restorative masks are definitely the way to go.

6 Exfoliate

You need to exfoliate simply to get all of the days, weeks, months and years worth of dirt and debris out of your skin! Facial scrubbing is essential, as is full body scrubbing. It will keep your blood circulating well too, which is a big bonus for looking youthful.

7 Sleep

The quicker you can get yourself in to a non-teenage, non-student style sleeping pattern, the better off you will be! Regular sleep allows your body to rest and restore properly, and eliminates the presence of unsightly things like bloodshot eyes and under eye bags!

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