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3 Simple πŸ‘Œ Beauty πŸ’‹ Hacks All Girls πŸ’― Need πŸ™Œ ...

Looking for some simple beauty hacks? We all like a good beauty hack every now and then to make our lives just a little bit easier, especially for those who feel they have a hard time with regular beauty activities as it is, or those who just simply don't have the time to spend worrying about the perfect eyeliner or eyelashes or skincare. But in the hopes of helping those who feel they need it, here's a list of simple beauty hacks that myself and others have found to be very helpful.

1. At Home Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of my favorite simple beauty hacks. I myself, a makeup artist and certified cosmetologist, have tried this beauty hack and it worked wonderfully! The materials you need will be listed below, followed by a few helpful instructions and a link to a helpful YouTube video (that I do not own the rights to).
You'll need:

β€’Any kind of permanent lash glue you prefer. I prefer the Ardell Lashtite Clear Adhesive, which you can find at a local Walmart or beauty supply store.

β€’Either individual lashes, or lash Clusters. This depends on the time you wish to spend doing your extensions, if you don't wish to spend too much time on them, I'd recommend the clusters, which I've found work just as well as the individuals. Individuals will look a little more natural but will take a little more time because they are singular strands.

β€’A good pair of tweezers. I've found that a pair with pointed tips make for the best application, but any you feel comfortable having in close contact with your eyes will work.

β€’Time and patience. Remember, you can't rush through this process, it will take a bit of time, but as long as you're patient and understanding of the process, you'll do just fine.

Now comes the fun part, the actual process. You'll need to start with freshly clean eyelids and lashes, which you can clean with any makeup remover you prefer. Now you can begin applying your lashes. Pour some of the glue onto a flat surface you don't mind throwing away. You want to be very careful not to dip the lash into too much glue. After you've dipped your lash in the glue, wait for it to get tacky and after about 20 seconds of waiting, apply the lash right in with your own lashes. Go about this process, applying longer lashes on the outer corner of your eye, getting smaller as you make your way to the inner corner. Remember, the more lashes you apply, the thicker and fuller they will appear.

When you're finished doing your at home extensions, you'll need to take a few precautions over the next few weeks. Be careful not to rub lashes too hard when removing makeup, or they may come off or irritate your eyes. Attempt not to use mascara, because when removing the mascara you may damage the false lashes. All in all, just be as careful as possible and if you need to remove the lashes, use the proper false lash removal.

I, and many others, find this method to be much cheaper than going out and getting expensive lash extensions. It's an easy beauty method you can do at home and it can make you feel effortlessly beautiful to wake up in the morning with beautiful, bold lashes that you did yourself!

(With my personal experience doing my own eyelash extensions, I needed a little visual guidance and I know others may need it too! I'm attaching this video for those who need it, I do not have any affiliation with this YouTuber and I do not own the rights to this video, I just found her guidance helpful!)

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