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No matter how big or small your breasts are, you probably have concerns about what they look like. Every woman wants to be considered attractive, after all, so it's impossible not to think about these types of things. Of course, there's no need to worry when there are so many ways to create the illusion of bigger or firmer breasts. Here are some simple ways to make your chest look its best that don't require any surgery:

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Buy the Right Bra

Buying a new bra is the simplest solution, yet it's something that many women fail to do. If you're wearing the wrong size bra, it won't be able to do its job correctly. That's why you need to measure yourself to make sure you know what you need. If you're unsure, check out to figure out your size. Don't forget that you can always invest in a padded bra if you're hoping to look bigger.


Contour Your Chest

Women contour more than just their face. There are plenty of people who also contour their chest in order to make their breasts look more pronounced. All you need is some bronzer, a makeup brush, and a little bit of time. Just don't try it if you're going to the beach, because the water will wash all of your hard work right away.


Have Perfect Posture

Standing up tall can do wonders for your appearance. When you keep your back straight, your chest will be pushed out, making it look as gorgeous as ever. So if you want to impress your crush, make sure you never slouch around him.


Work out during the Week

Working out can actually help you get the appearance of bigger, firmer breasts. You just have to make sure you work out your upper pectoral muscles, and not your lower pectoral muscles. How, you ask? Pushups work well, so just make sure to do them as often as you can.


Buy Shirts That Accentuate Size

If you want your breasts to appear bigger, avoid wearing super tight clothing. Instead, invest in some looser blouses with lace or ruffles at the top. Those small details will give you the illusion of having a bigger chest.


Always Adjust Your Bra

Even when you have the perfect bra, things can go wrong. If you don't adjust the straps correctly, it won't give you the lift that you need. That's why you need to make sure that you adjust your bra straps every single time you get changed. It doesn't take long, but it can drastically change your appearance.


Stop Searching for Shortcuts

Don’t stuff your bra or wear two bras at once. If you do, you won't look sexier. You'll just look unnatural. Also avoid taking magical pills that claim they'll help you, because there are no shortcuts. You can't expect your breast size to change overnight, so you need to stick to using the tips listed above.

There's nothing wrong with trying to make your breasts appear their best in public, but when you're alone and step out of the shower, you should be happy with what you look like naturally. No matter how big or small your breasts are, your body is beautiful just the way it is. Are you happy with the size of your chest or is it something you're self-conscious about?

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While we are hailing the V, let's also hail the B's! All aspects that make your body, my body, unique, should always be appreciated by one person: You! So taking care of them, and making sure they look their best should be a priority! However, I don't think any woman should ever feel the need to maker her breasts look larger, that is simply feeding into the male obsession with breasts, in my opinion. I am NOT suggesting that any woman who wants larger breasts is committing a crime against feminism! A woman is free to pursue any look she wants. That said, many of Holly's suggestions are just good solid common sense. Good posture, working out your upper body, and nutrition, as Cheryl noted, keeping hydrated can keep your breasts looking, and feeling optimum! And, having the right size bra is just so important. From experience, I always measure myself before buying a new bra(s)...just to make sure! If you plan on purchasing a bra at VS, def use their measurements. But, if you plan on purchasing a bra somewhere else, def use the sizing associated with the style and brand you intend to buy. I have come to view it like shopping for shoes! When you find a pair of shoes you like, you make absolutely certain you have the right size, and that the shoes are comfortable and that they fit before you buy them. Well, you should use the same criteria when buying a bra. Make sure you have the right size, and that it fits correctly. I must give VS credit for a very important service they provide when you are shopping in their stores: the sales people I have dealt with are very well schooled in finding the right size for YOU, and making certain that it fits and that you are comfortable. Suggestion #5 really surprised me, because I never would have thought of bigger tops accentuating smaller breasts, or breasts in general. This is something I will def try😊

I agree.All are great.It shouldn't matter what size.

This was always a hot topic for me when I was younger... Just remember that most small breasts don't sag when you get older... It's really great to be "older" and you can rock out a tube top without your chest facing downward dog! DONT FORGET TO DO MONTHLY BREAST EXAMS!

Contouring your chest, I will never put makeup on my chest

Victorias Secret is not an accurate source for bra fitting. Try a bra specific store.

Being small chested is beautiful! And sexy! Remember, boobs are mostly fat....yuck! Lol

Woo i agree with Denise :) small boobs rock! Lol


Contouring your chest is going too far

I've contoured my chest if I'm going out and wearing a low cut top. It makes everything come together if I'm wearing a full face of makeup. I don't do it heavily, but a little bronzing here and there really makes the look "whole". And I'm a C cup, so I guess I'm in between. It's not really to make the boobs look bigger, but to make them stand out with a healthy "glow".

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