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So You Want to Be Elegant and Graceful? Here's How ...

By Neecey

An elegant woman receives admiring glances from both sexes. Elegant women walk with ease and carry themselves with a confident demeanor. Finishing school or lessons aren't necessary to achieve this way of life. Use these steps to cultivate your own elegance and grace.

1 Body Awareness

clothing, swimwear, active undergarment, muscle, supermodel, One of the easiest ways to become elegant is to be completely aware of your own body and be comfortable with what you have got. If you have awareness and control of your entire body, then you are much less likely to come across as clumsy or indelicate. You will find that you possess an internal grace that you will be able to harness and use in all aspects of your personality and movement.

2 Dancing Lessons

dance, performing arts, black and white, sports, team sport, Even if you are not particularly rhythmical to begin with, taking some dancing lessons can teach and train you to be more aware and conformable with the movement of your own body. Dancing can also teach you to be more confident in your movement, and somebody who is inherently confident on the inside will be much more likely to display it in the relaxed and graceful way that they act on the outside.

3 Yoga

blue, human positions, sitting, physical fitness, Recalibrate, Much like dancing, yoga is a great way to boost your body in terms of sense of movement and flexibility, and what is even greater about this form of exercise is that is helps to train your mind as much as it helps to train your body. Many yoga fans talk about the fact that it calms them and gives them an enormous sense of mental well-being, and a sense of inner satisfaction can do wonders for evoking an elegant and graceful personality.

4 Practice Posture

photograph, black, clothing, person, lady, Sometimes the difference between somebody looking elegant and graceful and somebody looking decidedly casual and ordinary is the small matter of how you hold yourself. Your posture is really important when seeking to be more elegant and graceful, and to perfect the correct stance you should practice sitting up straight as often as you can. It will help to train your body that this is correct way to be. Try the classic walk with book on head technique, it’s an oldie but a goodie!

5 Observe Others

red, woman, dress, photography, beauty, If you have friends or family that are more elegant and graceful than yourself, you would do well to observe them in their words and actions and see how things differ from what you do yourself. Don’t necessarily try to copy them in a straightforward fashion.. That might seem fake and annoying, but just try to pick up on certain things they say, gestures they make. Sometimes a few little changes can make a big difference.

6 Table Manners

beauty, supermodel, thigh, leg, bachelorette party, Having proper table manners is essential to becoming a more graceful and elegant person. Small things like remembering not to put your elbows on the table as you eat, not eating like you’re at a trough and waiting until everybody has finished eating before you get up to leave the table all add up to making you seem a much more sophisticated guest.

7 Perfect Your Walk

white, photograph, clothing, yellow, footwear, The last thing a person who wants to be elegant and graceful wants is a clumsy, stomping walk. Be conscious of how heavy your feet are and if you drag them when you walk down the street, perfecting a light, delicate walk can quite literally transform how everybody else sees you.

8 Speak Clearly

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, black hair, Elegant women speak loudly, clearly, and with careful pronunciation. If you're nervous and don't know what to say, it's okay to take a long pause to collect your thoughts. Speaking confidently will make you look confident.

9 Sincerest Apologies Only

clothing, lady, beauty, blond, long hair, Constantly saying sorry when you don't need to isn't necessary--it's actually demeaning to yourself. Respect yourself and gain the respect to those around you by avoiding saying you're sorry for no reason. Save your apologies for when it matters.

10 Don't Be a Gossip Girl

human action, hair, face, person, blond, Talking about others behind their backs is something you should always avoid doing. Gossip spreads like wildfire and will eventually get back to that person. Elegant women only say to others what they would be comfortable saying to someones face.

I’ve never been graceful, but I do try to cultivate an air of elegance, sometimes. What are you currently working on to make yourself a more elegant woman? Comment below!

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