10 Mirror Hacks to Make You Feel More Beautiful ...

By Holly

10 Mirror Hacks to Make You Feel More Beautiful ...

Some of us love staring into the mirror, but some of us dread it. If you're uncomfortable with the way that you look, then there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel prettier. It doesn't take all that much time or energy, either! With that in mind, here are a few mirror hacks that’ll make you feel more beautiful:

1 Put Inspirational Quotes onto the Mirror

Put Inspirational Quotes onto the Mirror If you feel depressed every single time you look in the mirror, then you should look online for some inspirational quotes. Once you find them, you should write them on little slips of paper and tape them to the edges of your mirror. That way, whenever you have a negative thought about the way that you look, you'll have something inspirational to read that will lift your spirits.

2 Put Beautiful Pictures of Yourself onto the Mirror

Put Beautiful Pictures of Yourself onto the Mirror Some days you might think you look horrible, but there are days when you know you look beautiful. If you have pictures from those days, then you should tape them to your mirror. That way, you'll be reminded of how gorgeous you are. It'll prove that you're a pretty girl, even if the mirror isn't cooperating with you on that particular day.

3 Buy the Right Type of Mirror

Buy the Right Type of Mirror Not all mirrors are created equally. Haven't you ever noticed that you look different in changing room mirrors than you do in your bathroom mirror? That's why you should really look into what type of mirror you're going to buy before you place it in your house. You can get a full length one if you like the looks of your body, or you can get a magnified one if you want a closeup of your face.

4 Create Better Lighting by the Mirror

Create Better Lighting by the Mirror Lighting is incredibly important. That's why you should think about getting different types of lightbulbs for your bathroom, or putting more lights up around the room. If the lighting is right, then you're going to look gorgeous in that mirror every day of the week.

5 Put Them in the Right Rooms

Put Them in the Right Rooms If you usually wear unflattering pajamas when you're in your bedroom, don't place mirrors in your bedroom. Keep them in the bathroom, so that you don't have to stare at yourself constantly when you haven't even gotten dressed yet. It's a simple trick, but it can work wonders.

6 Don’t Look in It for Too Long

Don’t Look in It for Too Long If you hate the way that you look, it's probably because you've been staring at yourself for too long. When you spend hours looking into the mirror, you give yourself time to find every little flaw on your face. That's why you should look in the mirror briefly. The less time you spend in front of it, the less time you'll have to insult yourself.

7 Smile!

human action, black, photograph, black and white, person, If you want a quick confidence boost, then you should treat the mirror the way you'd treat your crush. If you stare into it without smiling, then of course you're going to think you look less than perfect. But if you smile at yourself, then you'll see your beauty!

8 Decorate Your Mirror

human action, person, blond, nightclub, singing, Along with inspirational quotes to lift your spirits, it's also a great idea to decorate your mirror and make it seem super pretty! You can drape some cute fairy lights around it or tie ribbons on the edges. You might not think it but pretty decorations can make all the difference, so go ahead and give your mirror a makeover!

9 Angle Your Mirror Differently

hair, person, blond, muscle, room, One reason why you might not like looking into the mirror is not because of what you see, but because of how the angle it's placed at makes you look. If you have a full length mirror, try propping it up onto a small stool so that it's higher up. If you don't like this angle, however, try lowering it down slightly or leaving it standing on the floor. It's good to try different angles to see what works best for you and what you like!

10 Get an Accurate Mirror

human action, person, black hair, sense, model, In order to see yourself for how you truly are, you'll need a mirror that you can rely on and trust to show you this, right? Some mirrors actually show a distorted image which can be typically found with small, wavy lines that go vertically across the mirror when you're standing up close to it. You can't rely on this type to show you an accurate image of yourself, so make sure you opt for an ordinary mirror that shows your natural beauty!

You're beautiful just the way you are! Don't let the mirror tell you differently! What other mirror hacks do you think women should use to feel more comfortable with their looks?

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This is just so so sooo vain !!!

That James Franco gif just killed me😘😍

What a waste of energy...really should be redirected...like put it toward something less superficial..like your brain...it starts from the inside ladies..stop looking for yourself in a mirror..

#6 sounds funny funny, but I've noticed that not only with me, but other people as well. My dad used to always tell me that when I was a teen. Anyways, #6 is fact.

I agree with Monica. Brains last much longer than beauty.

No.7, holly smokes :p

Woah life has just become 2x better

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