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9 Steps for an at Home French Pedicure ...

By Melissa

French pedicures are gorgeous, and if you're looking for a terrific way to pamper yourself and your cute little feet, you can do them right at home. I mean really, who doesn’t love a good pedicure. Of your course there are times when going to a salon for a pedicure just isn’t in the budget. Knowing how to do an at home French pedicure comes in handy.

1 Gather up Your Supplies

You are going to need a few things for your at home French pedicure. It is best to get everything together before you get started. You don’t want to walk around your house with wet feet looking for a cotton ball. To do your own at home pedicure you need a foot bath, Epsom salt, essential oil, foot scrub, cuticle stick, nail clippers, polish remover, file, polish, nail line strip, cotton balls, lotion, toe spacers and towels.

2 Footbath

Start by filling the bath with the hottest water you can handle. Add in some Epsom salt and your favorite essential oil. Lavender is a good oil for relaxing.

3 Foot Scrub

The next step in your at home pedicure is a foot scrub. Use a foot scrub on your wet feet to soften up calluses and get rid of dry, tough skin. Follow up by rinsing the scrub off in the footbath and drying off your feet.

4 Cuticles

While the nails and skin are soft form the hot bath you want to push the cuticles back. To do this, use an angled cuticle stick and gently push down the skin growing up over the base of the nail. Finish by applying a little bit of oil or lotion on the cuticles to keep them moisturized. This is an essential part of French pedicures, so that you can make the final steps work correctly.

5 Trim and Clean the Nails

If needed use a cotton ball and nail polish remover to get rid of old nail polish on the toes. Using toe nail clippers, cut the nails straight across. It is important to not cut the nails too short and to keep the cut straight. When doing a French pedicure you need the nails to be a little long and to have that straight line to create the white tip. Use a nail brush to scrub across the tops of toe nails and under each one.

6 Massage

The massage is the most important part of any at home French pedicures. Use a little bit of lotion and start at the heel. Rub with a soft touch to sooth stress. Continue up the foot, making small circles with your thumbs along the sole. Don’t forget to pamper both feet with a massage.

7 Prep the Toenails

Now you are going to need to finish getting the toenails ready for polishing. Start by filing away any rough edges and shape each nail into a square. Use a nail buffer to smooth off any ridges in the nail for a good surface to apply polish. Finally add the toe separator to each foot.

8 French Tips

It wouldn’t be an at home French pedicure if you didn’t pain on the white tips. The easiest way to do this is to apply the nail strips to each nail. Place them on slightly back from the nail tip and press firmly to make sure the strip is in place and completely flat. Fill in the top portion of the nail with your white polish. Apply the polish evenly.

9 Final Finish

After the white polish has dried completely, slowly remove each nail strip. Now you can apply the light pink polish in long even strokes across each nail. Keep your stroke as smooth an even as possible.

Let your at home French pedicure dry completely before removing your toe spacers. Once dry you are ready to show off your beautiful toes. Put on your favorite sandals or flip-flops so everyone can see. Your friends are sure to be impressed your with toes. Please let me know if you used these steps to give yourself a pedicure and how it turned out. I'd love to know if you have any other tips on French pedicures!

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