7 Stores That Sell Holiday Themed Beauty Products ...


7 Stores That Sell Holiday Themed Beauty Products ...
7 Stores That Sell Holiday Themed Beauty Products ...

Holiday themed beauty products are super fun this time of year. Whether you want something that smells like sugar cookies or candy canes, there are lots of stores that cater to that by stocking their shelves with limited time only products that you can only find during the holidays. These items make great gifts for friends, your kids’ teachers and the people you work with. Of course, holiday themed beauty products are great for adding to your own collection as well. Head to the following stores to indulge yourself.

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Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is perhaps your best source for holiday themed beauty products. In fact, the whole store is pretty much taken over with such items this time of year. You can find lotion, body spray, candles and much more in scents that include mistletoe, peppermint and vanilla. You won’t be disappointed when you shop at Bath and Body Works, that’s for sure!



While this store might be geared toward the tween girl population, you can often find great deals on holiday themed items. Maybe you are keeping them for yourself or giving them as gifts. Either way, you can expect to find lip balm, nail polish, make-up kits and lotions that will make any day feel like a holiday. Great scents and fun colors will keep you happy all day long.



Sephora has long been associated with high end beauty products. Whether you have special skincare needs or just like to buy more expensive products, this is the store for you. And they won’t let you down when you shop for things for yourself and everyone on your guest list. Choose a nail polish advent calendar, wonderful and festive holiday make-up palettes and holiday perfume scents that everyone will love.


Ulta Beauty

If you’ve never been to Ulta Beauty, you are totally missing out. They have everything you could ever want and more. Look for holiday exclusive products and coupons that will save you some money as you shop. How about a sparkly make-up case, a holiday toothbrush, peppermint and vanilla scented products and special edition holiday nail polish colors? See what I mean – anything you want or need can be found at Ulta Beauty.



If you don’t shop at Walgreens on a regular basis, the holidays are the time to make the exception. You can find great beauty gifts for people of all ages, from the very young to the very old. They stock a huge array of holiday themed beauty products. Look for peppermint lip balm, sparkly eye make-up in holiday colors, cookie scented lotions and bright red lipstick for all of your holiday parties. Most of them even come in festive holiday packaging that make them all that much more fun.



If you want an affordable place to shop for holiday themed beauty products, Target is the place. They often set aside an entire part of their store for such goods and their $1 spot is a great place to find fun stuff too. Look for nail files that look like candy canes, sugary sweet scented travel size lotions and candy scented lip balms. They make perfect stocking stuffers!


The Body Shop

I like the Body Shop because they focus on selling natural products that are made by properly paid workers. They aren’t an exception when it comes to holiday inspired products. You will love the candy scented lip balms, candy cane themed gift sets, hand cream that smells like nuts and vanilla, as well as specially created holiday make-up collections for any event you plan to attend this year.

Do you shop at these stores? I love them all and have purchased items at each of them. I especially love shopping for beauty products during the Christmas season? Are there any other great stores to check out this year?

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ULTA beauty , Claire's, and Bath and Body works . Aw the best !!

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