9 Style Tips That Are Instant Mood Boosters for when You're down ...


9 Style Tips That Are Instant Mood Boosters for when You're down ...
9 Style Tips That Are Instant Mood Boosters for when You're down ...

Life can be tough sometimes, and I’m sure that every single person reading this has gone through periods of low mood before. Being down in the dumps is a natural response to lots of different things, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up for feeling that way, but one thing that you should try to avoid doing is allowing yourself to stay in that bubble for too long! There are plenty of things that you can do to start feeling like your old self again, and experimenting with your style is absolutely one of them! Here are nine style tips that are instant mood boosters when you are feeling down!

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Bright Lipstick

Make a difference right to the centre of your face by adding a colour pop of bright lipstic. You will be surprised by how much it can lift your mood! People will respond to you in a brighter way, which in turn will make you a brighter person on the inside and out.



Add some external luxury to your presence with a spritz of your favourite signature perfume. Your favourite perfume often has a sentimental and nostalgic value to it, so not only will you smell nicer, your head will also be filled with pleasant memories.


Dress up

Don’t underestimate just how good you can feel when you are dressed up to the nines! Organise something where you can really put on your best clothes and then soak up all of the compliments that are bound to come your way!


Fancy Pajamas

You might want to just stay at home and practise some self-care like reading and binge-watching, but you can still add a touch of mood boosting to proceedings by treating yourself to a luxury pair of PJs! Lounging will never have felt so good.



Treat yourself to a killer pair of heels, it’s actually crazy how sexy and powerful a great pair of six inchers can make you feel! It must be down to the extra height you get and the striking posture that the heels force you to adopt.


Spring Clean

Make use of some free time by cleaning out your closet. I find this to be a mood booster because it nearly always ends in the discovery of garments that you had forgotten you had, and therefore you can add back into the outfit rotation!


Retail Therapy

Practise some self-care by heading to the stores and treating yourself to a few new on-trend outfits. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get from knowing you look like a million dollars!



Go to a salon and get your nails professionally done. It makes so much difference compared to trying to do them at home and ending up with more than a few dodgy ones!


Pamper Yourself

And while you are the salon, you might as well go for it and get the whole range of treatments! You deserve it!

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