19 Stylish Tattoos Makeup Lovers Will Fall for ...

By Holly

19 Stylish Tattoos  Makeup  Lovers Will Fall for  ...

If your cabinets are filled with lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes, then you should appreciate ink that has been inspired by cosmetics. After all, makeup is a huge part of our lives. Here are a few stylish tattoos that makeup lovers will love:

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Easel
  2. 2. Lipstick and Eyelash Curlers
  3. 3. Lipstick and Flowers
  4. 4. Name in Lipstick
  5. 5. Heart
  6. 6. Eye Makeup
  7. 7. Cosmetics Sleeve
  8. 8. Makeup Collection
  9. 9. "Makeup" in Script
  10. 10. Lipstick Case
  11. 11. Colorful Makeup Products
  12. 12. Mascara
  13. 13. Beauty Products
  14. 14. Mirror
  15. 15. Rainbow Products
  16. 16. Makeup Assortment
  17. 17. War Paint
  18. 18. Tattoo on the Foot
  19. 19. Lips with Lipstick

1 Easel

person,arm,tattoo,human body,chest,@kingkoopa_cs

If you consider applying makeup to be an art, then this is the perfect tattoo for you. It combines painting with makeup products.

2 Lipstick and Eyelash Curlers


How cute is this tattoo? If you get one like this, you'll always have your favorite lipstick with you.

3 Lipstick and Flowers


You don't have to get multiple makeup tattoos. You can get a single product surrounded by some beautiful flowers.

4 Name in Lipstick


Instead of having a lipstick tattoo sitting alone on your arm, you can have a word written out in lipstick next to it. It's an adorable idea.

5 Heart


Instead of getting a simple heart, you can get a complicated one. Put some rollers in its hair and lipstick on its mouth, and it becomes unique.

6 Eye Makeup


Your eyebrows won't be on fleek every single day. However, you can get a tattoo that will be forever on fleek.

7 Cosmetics Sleeve

tattoo,arm,drawing,sketch,tattoo artist,@queen_bean

Instead of getting a tiny little cosmetics tattoo, you can get an entire sleeve done!

8 Makeup Collection


Here are a few more pretty pictures of makeup inspired tattoos. Each one is more impressive than the last.

9 "Makeup" in Script


Instead of thinking of some clever way to show your love of makeup, you can just get the word "makeup" written across your skin. It's simple and straight to the point.

10 Lipstick Case


You can never go wrong with a lipstick tattoo. Try getting one with an elaborately designed case.

11 Colorful Makeup Products

tattoo,arm,human body,chest,pattern,@jesoner79

The best thing about makeup is how colorful it is. You won't have to stick to getting a plain black tattoo, because your cosmetics always contain pops of color.

12 Mascara

arm,tattoo,human body,surfing equipment and supplies,@lexus_squidink

Don't forget the importance of mascara. It's a product that most people wouldn't be able to live without.

13 Beauty Products


If you can't decide whether you like blush, nailpolish, or lipstick better, then you might as well get it all tattooed onto you! It's only fair.

14 Mirror

tattoo,arm,organ,human body,chest,@forever_custom_tattoos

How beautiful is that mirror? It looks even better with the splash of red from the lipstick container and roses.

15 Rainbow Products

tattoo,arm,flower,tattoo artist,human body,@mayca_sailors_tattoo

You can get red, green, yellow, blue, and even purple ink on your skin!

16 Makeup Assortment

tattoo,arm,hand,pattern,tattoo artist,@elainecullinan

Why get one makeup product tattooed onto you when you can have them all?

17 War Paint

tattoo,arm,leg,pattern,tattoo artist,@chelsie_blaze

After all, your makeup is your warpaint, don't you think? It's what makes you feel powerful and helps you get ready to take on the day.

18 Tattoo on the Foot


You don't have to get your tattoo on your arm, where everyone can see it. You can get it a place that's much more subtle, like your foot.

19 Lips with Lipstick


This is both cute and sexy at the same time.

These designs are absolutely adorable! They're perfect for any makeup lover who wants the world to see how obsessed they are with their cosmetics. Would you ever get a makeup inspired tattoo?

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