The Basics of Microblading from an Expert ...

By Alison

The Basics of Microblading from an Expert ...

What are the basics of microblading?

Microblading is an ancient Japanese art, also known as feather touch or embroidery. This manual technique creates fine scratches on the top layer of skin with a hand-held tool, and then pigment is implanted into the skin. Read the following article to find out everything you must know about semi-permanent microblading. All the insights are shared by the microblading expert Holly Richards - Here are the basics of microblading.

1 The Process

This very natural option that provides semi-permanent results is ideal for women that want to define, fill in gaps, or reconstruct their eyebrows. The embroidery of tiny, precise strokes using a specially designed pen is achieved one motion at a time, and is extremely detailed – the process can last around two hours.

The longest and most important step is the drawing of the shape with a removable pencil. The brow is based on individual face shape and key measurements are taken to ensure the desired results. Once the stokes are drawn, the selected pigment is implanted under the skin, with additional dye washed over the area, and then wiped away.

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2 How do I Prepare?

You’ll need to stop taking any aspirin or retinol one week prior to your treatment, and avoid alcohol. Don’t pluck or wax your brows, and don’t use any exfoliators for three days before. Diabetic patients, pregnant, and breastfeeding ladies aren’t suitable for the procedure.

3 Does It Hurt?

You can request a topical numbing cream to be applied to alleviate any discomfort. It may feel like little scratches but it’s all quite bearable!

4 What’s the Aftercare Plan?

You mustn’t wash your face with water or indulge in exercise that makes you sweat for the following week! If you experience any itchiness or redness, cool with aftercare ointments that will be provided by your beautician. You’ll notice that the colour of the brows will fade after a while.

The healing process is different for everyone and can take up to 30 days. For ten days afterward, try not to use any skin care products or makeup, and don’t touch the brows at all. To get a good night’s sleep, stay off your front. Flaky brows respond well to applications of coconut oil, but don’t pick, peel, or scratch!

5 How Long Does It Last?

Touch-ups are recommended every six months, but the results can actually last up to three years. To ensure your brows last as long as possible wear a moisturiser that contains an SPF 30, which will help protect from direct sun exposure.

It may take a few sessions before you reach your perfect brows, and you shouldn’t expect to see full results after just one treatment. Bear in mind that different skin types also affect the absorption of the pigment into the brows themselves.

6 Where Can I Get Microblading Done?

You’ll need to find a beauty salon with trained microblading artists who have won accreditation in award-winning academies. Search online for a service provider who understands the part that eyebrows play in the symmetry of facial features, and who are dedicated to giving you the confidence you desire! You’ll be able to ask for a free microblading consultation before you have the perfect natural eyebrows recreated for you.

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