The Latest Beauty Trend on Instagram- Squigglebrows ...


The Latest Beauty Trend on Instagram- Squigglebrows  ...

I’ve never been one to follow the latest beauty trend on Instagram but I do like to see what crazy idea becomes the current hottest thing. There have been some bizarre Instagram beauty trends over the last few years. Here’s one I saw recently that has made the social media news. The “Squigglebrow”! It’s been seen on the catwalk and is all over Instagram. Take a look at squiggle brows


eyebrow, chin, forehead, lip, black hair,@promisetamang


eyebrow, lip, beauty, cheek, eyelash,@xxtra_glam


black hair, costume, fictional character, product, hair coloring,@melovemealot


face, human hair color, nose, head, chin,@skoot_apparel


eyebrow, forehead, eyelash, eye, close up,@hannahdoesmakeupp


lip, eyebrow, nose, chin, beauty,@_honeyshay


eyebrow, hair coloring, lip, black hair, cheek,@ayo_coralie


eyebrow, eyelash, eye, eye shadow, close up,@hetkessa


face, eyebrow, beauty, skin, chin,@rimmellondondanmark


eyebrow, beauty, lip, black hair, hairstyle,@feisrawtalent

Maybe with Halloween on the horizon? Hmm …

The squigglebrow started as a bit of a joke by blogger Promise Tamang and went viral. It became a makeup optical illusion that people either wanted to copy for a bit of fun or scream from the rooftops about how much they hated it.

Of course, someone made a Snapchat filter of them, so if you want to see how you look, feel free sister!