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7 Tips for Filling in Your Brows ...

By Sophia

Take note of tips for filling in your brows to help you achieve one of the best beauty looks right now. Bold, well groomed brows are constantly being hyped up as a must-have beauty look. Filling in your brows can help them look thicker and more defined. Are you ready to tackle this beauty look? Then check out the following tips for filling in your brows.

1 Grow Them out

When it comes to tips for filling in your brows, sometimes your have to start right at the beginning. To achieve this season’s trend of bold brows, try growing them out before you tackle any grooming. Growing them out as much as possible and as close to your natural eyebrow shape (you might have to check back to your childhood photos for reference!) will make filling them in much easier in the long run.

2 Groom Your Eyebrows

Before you fill in your brows, get them groomed and shaped. Groomed brows act as a sort of guideline for filling in your brows. You could either do them yourself or get a professional to do it. If it’s your first time, I’d suggest getting a professional to do it. That way all you have to do is some simple and easy upkeep like plucking stray hairs.

3 Choose the Right Colour

Choosing the right colour to fill in your brows is a key step in getting the most natural look possible. This applies to both brow liners and shadows. Anything too dark or too light can end up looking a bit off. A general rule of thumb is to choose a colour that’s a shade lighter than your natural hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different swatches and products to find the right colour for you.

4 Lightly Does It

To get the most natural looking brow, avoid being too heavy handed when you’re applying colour to your brows. Use quick, light, feathery strokes when you’re using both brow pencils and shadow brushes. Start at the bottom of your brows and apply in an upwards motion, following the direction of your hair and the natural curve of your brows.

5 Blend and Shade

When you’re filling in your brows make sure to shade them accordingly. Don’t worry if your entire brow isn’t the same darkness throughout. The arch and the tail of your eyebrows are usually the most defined, and the inner parts should be sparser and lighter. Keep this in mind to create natural looking brows. Once you’ve filled in your brows, if you still think that they look a bit harsh then blend the colour in with a brow brush or cotton bud.

6 Set with a Clear Gel

After you have filled in your brows, set them with a clear brow gel or wax. This will help them keep their shape and appear more defined. That way, you can go about your day without worrying about any strays or your brows losing their shape.

7 Conceal the Edges

Once you’ve filled in your brows, clean up the edges with concealer, highlighter, or a translucent powder. Apply concealer underneath the brows to help highlight and define the arches. As well as cleaning up the edges, this will help conceal any strays and add a little bit of oomph to your overall look.

Bold, filled in brows can really help define and frame your face. Get on board this beauty trend and try it your for yourself! Do you have any tips for filling in your brows?

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