7 Ways to Contour Your Face ...

By Jenni

7 Ways to Contour Your Face ...

If you are like me, you have wondered how celebrities and starlets get high cheekbones, thin noses, and pouty lips without cosmetic surgery - I mean they cannot all be born with the bone structure of a goddess... they must know ways to contour your face that we don't, right?! That's when I started doing research and found out there are a great many ways to contour your face for that desired shape. That's right, noses can look thinner without a chisel! Keep reading to find some fantastic ways to contour your face and get that bone structure only Kim K can boast of.

1 Higher Cheekbones

Higher and more defined cheekbones are one of the most popular ways to contour your face. Most people use a bronzer or dark blush right below their natural cheekbone line. I have found that it works loads better to use a foundation or concealer that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone instead. This will keep any rosy, unnatural look away and make your cheeks look more defined since there is no light-reflecting shimmer.

2 Pronounced Jaw Line

When I was little, I would look at jawlines like Audrey Hepburn's and think "maybe when I grow up." Thank goodness, I was right! Sure, I have to cheat a little, but contouring the jawline works well enough for me. If you want a more pronounced jawline, just use the same dark concealer or foundation on the back of your jaw bone and under your chin. Be sure to blend a little extra, or it could look like a foundation flaw.

3 Bigger Lips

It may be hard to believe, but contouring can work on lips too. This little tip works because our eye sees the darker area and is tricked into thinking it is a shadow from your lower lip being bigger than it is. Just use a brown eye pencil to make about a half centimeter smudge right below your bottom lip. Blend it in so it looks like a shadow and bam, you got collagen injections minus the collagen!

4 No under-Eye Bags

Just like a darker shadow increases the lip's size, a lighter shadow decreases under-eye bags. You can either use a lightener or a slightly lighter concealer to achieve this look. Blend the lighter make-up out from the inner corner of your eye to the outer eye and bottom of the nose. The lightened area should be in the shape of a triangle that is blended out at the cheekbone. This will help reduce the look of under-eye bags and give the appearance of higher cheekbones. Gotta love a two-fer!

5 More Pronounced Cheekbones

We women must really like our cheekbones for there to be multiple ways of accentuating them. This method works best with a light shimmer powder that is placed above the cheekbone, around the outside of the eye, and at the top corner of the eyebrow. By placing the shimmer powder in this "c" pattern, you are creating more pronounced cheekbones and a more relaxed brow line. Just be sure to only use a small amount of shimmer. Too much and you can look a little more sweaty than sexy.

6 Thinner Nose

This is the go-to for almost any celebrity. Seriously. Just use a contouring pencil or brown eye pencil and draw a line on either side of your nose from the eye point to the nostrils. Then, blend these lines in so they look slightly darker then your natural skin color. The closer these lines are together, the thinner your nose will appear. Use a lightener on the bridge of your nose for an even more contoured look.

7 A Classic Forehead?

I know, it may seem like we are getting ridiculous now, but this works! To get that perfect little rounded forehead, add ​a bit of that dark foundation to the left and right sides just above your temples. Look at your face before doing this to see where that bone above the temples comes out the most and place the pigmentation there. This will give a relaxed look to that bone and help your face achieve that flawless structure.

There are some great contouring tutorials found on youtube, my favorite is one by the beautiful Michelle Phan. You can also find a few out there by Kim K's make-up artist that can help you achieve her incredible structure! What are some of your favorite make-up how-to's?

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