Here's Proof That You're Beautiful Even when You Don't Feel like It ...


We all have days where we feel less than our best. The great thing is that you are never as bad off as you think you are. The truth is that other people are not paying as much attention to you as you feel like. You don’t notice when someone else is having a slightly bad hair day or forgot to brush their teeth, right? So, why would you get called out for the same things? So, put your chin up and get out there. You look fabulous and you should feel like it too!

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Your Smile

It doesn’t matter that your hair isn’t perfect today or that you forgot to put your earrings on. Why? Because you still have your megawatt smile to get you through. Many people say that the most beautiful girl is one who is smiling, so forget about all the rest of it and turn your grin up. You might be surprised at just how many compliments you get, even if you feel your worst.


No One Notices

Like I said above, people don’t really pay that much attention to other people, even if you feel like you’re being scrutinized with every glance. Unless you’re wearing your pajamas or you didn’t even comb your hair, people’s looks probably mean very little. In fact, they might secretly be thinking they could look that good without any effort. It’s hard to escape the feelings of judgment, but once you realize that you’re fabulous, you’ll see those stares with a whole new perspective.


We over Estimate

You’d give your best friend or your co-worker lots of grace when it comes to an off day, right? Why not give yourself the same courtesy? Women are very hard on themselves and often feel like less than perfection isn’t good enough. That’s simply not true. You can look magnificent even if your hair is a little bit frizzy or your socks are mismatched. Again, the only one who even notices is you.


Flaws Are Perfection

While we’re on the topic of perfection, your unique quirks and flaws are what make you so perfect. Got a little cowlick or a penchant for wearing two different ear studs? Those are the things that make you so desirable and different from every other girl on the planet. Play up what makes you different – that’s what everyone wants to see!


You Have a Life

Would you really trade your fabulous life for the ideal of perfection you have in your head? Would you want to miss a night out at your favorite bar with friends just because you can’t get your ponytail just so? Of course not! Life is meant to be lived, and while you’re out there rocking it, you couldn’t look lovelier because you’ll be smiling and enjoying yourself, regardless of a loose strand of hair or a forgotten accessory.


You’re Talented

Even on your worst days, let your talents shine through. Why is this? Because people who are perceived as talented are often also thought of as more attractive. So when you are down about your appearance, let your sewing, singing or dancing abilities take the spotlight and people will naturally think you are as gorgeous as you really are, despite how you feel.


You Are Loved

For me, spending time with my husband makes me feel beautiful, no matter how I really look. When you feel less than your best, make a point to spend time with people that love you no matter what and who will affirm your awesomeness at every turn. In no time, you’ll feel just as beautiful as you look.

When do you feel your most beautiful?

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I'm happiest when I'm with my friends goofing off. I loved how your quirks can make you beautiful, too.

@Bionca everyone is beautiful and that includes you. Don't put yourself down. We all have flaws I do but keep going.

This made me smile.

Whatever anybody else thinks doesn't matter. Just be true to yourself and that's the only beauty u need.

This makes me happy

Ahhhh thx

I feel ugly everyday

Just be who you are you're beautiful. We all have flaws which make us special in our own way. We are unique. I do the school run in my pjs but that's me. It doesn't matter who's looking at you. Just be you!!!

Really uplifting write-up! I lived the last point.

Loved* not lived

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