8 Seemingly Necessary Beauty Products You Actually Don't Need ...


8 Seemingly Necessary Beauty Products You Actually Don't Need ...
8 Seemingly Necessary Beauty Products You Actually Don't Need ...

Have you ever looked at your beauty inventory and thought about whether you own beauty products you don’t need? The billion dollar cosmetics industry would like for us to believe that we need every new product they come out with, but we really don’t! There are tons of products on the market that’s nothing more than fluff so check out this list of 8 seemingly necessary beauty products you actually don’t need so you can save your money and spend it on products you love!

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Foot Masks

Face masks are one thing, but foot masks are a totally unnecessary beauty product! Sure, we love for our feet to be smooth and soft but they don’t require a mask. If you take a pumice to your feet to slough off dead skin and moisturize on the regular, your feet should be in great shape for sandal season! No need for a foot mask here, save your money for a nice relaxing pedi instead!


Lip Exfoliator

Our lips are an important part of our overall appearance and as much as we love to highlight our dazzling smiles, a lip exfoliator is definitely one of the beauty products you don’t need. If you want to exfoliate your smacker, try gently rubbing your lips with a towel or give them a gentle brushing with your toothbrush instead of investing in a pricey beauty product you think you need, but don’t.



Some beauty experts might disagree about this item being on the list of useless beauty products and although it’s debatable, it’s definitely not a must-have beauty product. Toner was meant to pick up traces of leftover makeup or oil but most cleansers do an adequate job of doing those things anyway, so it’s actually unnecessary. If you’re adamant about the extra step after you cleanse, grab a jar of witch hazel instead of going for an expensive, brand-name toner.


Neck Cream

Any cream marketed for a specific area like the neck or décolleté is totally a beauty product you can do without! The moisturizer that you use for your face is more than adequate for your neck and décolleté so there is absolutely no need to get a separate product for each area. You might feel like the skin on your neck and décolleté are different from your skin on your face, but if you care for those areas on a regular basis, you’re golden!


Age-Reversing Products

Lots of cosmetics companies have age-reversing products on their roste but they’re yet another one of the beauty products you don’t need. Anti-aging products can help with preventative care, but age-reversing products are a whole other ballgame. Most people require a surgical procedure in order to see some actual results and most age-reversing products on the market rarely provide any noticeable results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Use your money for a good cleanser and moisturizer instead!


Lower Lash Mascara

Mascara is one of the top must-have beauty products for most women, but mascara specifically for your lower lashes is a pointless beauty product you don’t need. Granted, the wand and formula can make a difference in how your lashes look, some like to layer different formulas for a more dramatic look, but a separate tube marketed just for the lower lashes is useless. Think about it, despite their location your upper and lower lashes are the same hairs and the formula you use on the top should work just as well on the bottom!


Anti-Aging Hair Products

Anti-aging products for our hair seem like a great invention to help us keep our hair looking healthy, but they’re actually part of the list of beauty products you don’t need. Hair products can moisturize and bring dry hair back to bouncy and beautiful, but there really isn’t much it can do to prevent your hair from aging. Hair growth starts at the follicle and hair on the hair shaft is considered dead so any product applied to your hair shaft can’t do much to prevent aging!


Shaving Cream

Shaving our legs is another one of those necessary evils but shaving cream is an unnecessary beauty product we don’t need. You can easily substitute your hair conditioner or body wash for that can of shaving cream that always seems to leave a rust ring in your shower anyway! I know, shaving cream doesn’t cost a lot, but if you’re on a budget or short on room in the shower, try subbing body wash or conditioner instead!

Do you own any of these 8 seemingly necessary beauty products you actually don’t need? I know I do, or did and now I can use that space and money for other things I need! I hate wasting my hard earned money on products that don’t do anything! Do you have any things to add to this list of beauty products you don’t need?

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I have a tip that may only work for me (?), but it seems to be easier to shave my legs when they're dry. For me, it keeps them from being cut as much, and the hair comes off closer to the skin.

I beg to differ on the shaving cream! I have extremely sensitive skin and every time I try to substitute conditioner or soap for shaving cream I get TERRIBLE razor burn! My legs end up red and speckled for days!

gud lotion from the makers of burt bee's is great for your whole body. its like 7 bucks and super creamy. I use it on my face and every where else on my body that needs lotion. I clean with bleach a lot so my hands get really dry and itchy and this lotion makes them so soft with one application.

totally agree with all of those !!

my mom used a hair dye and condtioner from sally's beauty supply for her hair and it works amazing for her hair. Her hair is brittle, dull and lifeless. but that stuff she uses is amazing on her hair so i have to agree to disagree with this one

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