7 Versatile Men's Products You Have to Try ...


7 Versatile Men's Products You Have to Try ...
7 Versatile Men's Products You Have to Try ...

Have you ever thought about whether you have access to some men’s products to try out that are beneficial while still leaving you feeling like a woman? If you’ve ever been caught without your trusty cosmetics bag, you’ve probably thought about using your guy’s hoard of grooming products. Men have some pretty rad grooming items and it would be a shame if they got all to keep it all for themselves! Take a gander at these common men’s grooming products to nab and keep it on the hush so your man or brother doesn’t start hiding his stash!

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This men’s product to try might gross you out but would you rather step out sans deodorant on a hot day? According to Discover Health, both men and women’s deodorants contain the same main ingredients so it’s safe to use. Definitely swipe some of your man or brother’s deodorizer in a pinch and if you like it, grab a new stick for yourself! Some ladies prefer the sporty and clean scents that are common in men’s products to the fruity or floral scents found in women’s.



I’ve been “borrowing” this men’s grooming product for years. I’m not suggesting you borrow a used razor, pluck it all if you must. What I am suggesting is that you too borrow a spare men’s razor and give them a try. There’s actually some controversy surrounding this issue as some razor companies say that women are taking a risk using a razor not designed for them. Reader’s Digest asked some major razor companies regarding safety and differences and revealed that women’s razors are angled differently but the metallurgy is the same. So, it’s all preference and as long as you’re careful, there’s nothing wrong with trying out a men’s razor.


Body Wash

Another one of the men’s products to try is men’s body wash. I don’t know about you, but I personally like a variety of fragrances when it comes to body washes and lotions which include some men’s scents. Aside from the clean and invigorating fragrances, men’s body wash formulas frequently include a deodorizing element so you stay fresh. Men’s body washes also come in fun, brightly colored foam formulas as well!


After Shave

You’ll probably notice that there are quite a few shaving related items on this list of men’s products to try and for good reason. Both men and women shave regularly but men shave their faces which require a lot of TLC so it’s no wonder that men have so many shaving products to choose from! After shave is one of the products that women should have too, it moisturizes and soothes just shaved skin so don’t let the masculine scent deter you from the fab benefits!


Styptic Pencil

This men’s grooming product to try is fairly new to me. I never knew about an affordable product that can stop nicks and cuts as well as infections from cuts due to shaving! If you have frequent issues with cuts from shaving, definitely try this sucker out! You can easily snag one of these lifesavers for under $5 so why the heck not?! You know how we always get cuts from shaving at the worst times? Grab this pencil and never let a cut stop you from baring your legs!

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If body washes don’t sound like one of the men’s products to try for you, how about a bar soap? Kiehl’s makes an awesome bar soap called the Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap that contains ingredients that’ll buff even the roughest areas and leave them soft and clean. This soap contains pumice for sloughing off dead skin along with soothing oatmeal and oat bran for a great balance!


Hair Care

Hair styling products are also one of the men’s grooming products worth trying. You don’t have to have super short hair to reap the benefits of using a man’s styling tool either! Pomades and styling waxes are perfect for taming flyaways, baby hairs or achieving a sexy and effortless wave, just remember to use a small amount. Men’s styling products offer strong hold and will give you beachy hair instead of bed head!

You might feel a little awkward experimenting with some of these men’s products to try, but the results are worth it! Although there are obvious differences in men and women, when we’re caught without our beauty arsenal or just want to venture out and try something new, don’t dismiss these men’s grooming products before you try them for yourself! Do you use any men’s grooming products?

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I couldn't agree more. I love my boyfriends products and now I use the same kind of razor, his deodorant seems to work better than mine and not to mention his aftershave is to die for.

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