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Perfect Ways to Accentuate Your Curves ...

By Crystal

Looking for ways to accentuate your curves? Self conscious about your weight? Do you wake up every morning trying to hide those curves? Wish you could be thinner and more appealing? Well STOP! Your curves are BEAUTIFUL! Lets get that gremlin out of your head that says “Keep that covered up, people are going to laugh at you and talk about you behind your back and make fun”. Curves are there, whether you have a bigger bone structure, just had a baby and haven't quite lost that weight yet, or even if you're like me and you really like your food and salad just isn’t in your everyday meal plan. You just need some great ways to accentuate your curves and you'll love them.

Find your flattering color. If you like bright colors like pink or red, use them to enhance your favorite feature. Certain colors can make your eyes pop, which takes the attention away from your body and makes it the main focus. Black is a slimming color, it lengthens out those curves making them more sleek and smooth. Don’t be afraid to wear something tight that hugs those curves and gets people to notice. Try that little skirt you were to scared to wear, or those yoga pants you just didn’t think had enough room in them.

Another appeal for the gentleman is that the bigger you are, the more well endowed up top you can be. Show off the girls and wear a peekaboo top. Drag out that old bathing suit this summer, even if you don’t think your body is ready for it and wear it like you are the hottest thing around. Self-confidence is also beauty, the better you feel about yourself and love yourself, the more people who will love you for you. So shake what your mamma gave ya, put on that tight little skirt, grab the girls and go out. Show the world what they have been missing.

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