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8 Ways to Brighten up Dull Skin ...

By Alison

How to brighten up dull skin is a question we all ponder at some point. Whether it´s the result of cold winter winds, a poor diet or lack of sleep, dull skin is a very common problem. But what can you do about it? Nobody wants to look like they´re worn out, so here are some great tips to show you how to brighten up dull skin …

1 Scrub

If you want to know how to brighten up dull skin, then you need to start with the regular use of a scrub. Once a week should be enough; any more than that may be too harsh, especially if you have sensitive skin. A scrub will remove dead skin cells and leave your complexion looking much fresher.

2 Moisturise

Have you ever noticed how your skin looks much duller in winter? Central heating and cold winds don't do your face much good, so moisturising dull skin is especially important in colder weather. If necessary, change to using a richer moisturiser.


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3 Diet

Another important tip on how to brighten up dull skin is to eat a good diet. Too much poor quality food will show in the state of your skin. So include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet, oily fish if you like it, and of course don't forget to drink plenty of water.

4 Sleep

After a bad night´s sleep, looking in the mirror is a bit of a fright, isn´t it? Sleep is essential for repairing the body, and when we are short on rest our skin shows the result. Try to get a good night´s sleep regularly, and you will look much better.

5 Makeup Removal

Yes, we've all done it occasionally, but forgetting to remove your makeup won't help the state of your dull skin. So however late you get home from a night out, always cleanse your skin. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you won't have panda eyes in the morning!

6 Illuminators

Sometimes, the secret of how to brighten up dull skin is to fake it! However hard we try, occasionally our skin needs a little help. So use illuminating products to help give dull skin the appearance of brightness - there are plenty of products on the market that will give this effect.

7 Hydration

As I've mentioned above, keeping your skin hydrated is very important for its appearance. Drinking lots of water is vital, and pure fruit juice is also a healthy drink. Avoid too much tea or coffee, and fizzy drinks are best avoided or kept to a minimum for healthy skin.

8 Clever Makeup

If all else fails, and you're just having one of those "bad skin days", get out your makeup kit and fake it! As well as illuminators, there are lots of products such as foundation and bronzer that will brighten up your skin when it needs a little help. So keep a few items close by and use makeup to create healthy skin.

Inevitably we all have the odd day when our skin looks dull, and sometimes it goes on and on. This is when you need to take a close look at your diet and lifestyle, and fix what you're doing wrong. Your skin will thank you for the consideration! Have you any foolproof tips on how to brighten up dull skin, especially quick and easy fixes?

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