7 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful No Matter How Many "Flaws" You Have ...

By Eliza

7 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful No Matter How Many "Flaws" You Have ...

Here’s a little secret: all those “flaws” you think you have are what make you beautiful and unique. I know it can be hard to embrace them and they can make you feel less than lovely. We’ve all been there! There are lots of things you can do to boost your confidence and make every day a beautiful feeling one. Here are some things to try. You are going to love what they do for you!

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1 Show Some Teeth

Research shows that when someone is smiling, other people perceive her as more beautiful. What more reason do you need to smile all day long? Even if you are down or having a less than perfect day, pasting on that smile will make you look and feel better with very little effort.

2 Get Moving

There are tons of reasons why you should be exercising every day. Not only does it support good health and weight control, but it also pumps your body full of endorphins. These feel good hormones make you happy. Get in a good workout and pay attention to how you feel afterward. Pretty great, right? So strap on those Nikes and head out for a run right now.

"Every woman is unique, including the shape of her face. If you have a wider forehead and narrower chin, you may have a triangle face shape. Understanding your face shape can guide you in choosing hairstyles, glasses, and makeup styles that accentuate your best features."

3 Play up What You Got

Maybe you have a gap in your teeth or a bunch of freckles across your cheeks. Whatever your “flaw,” chances are other that others like it. What counts is that you don’t. Play up your favorite features to detract from what you don’t like. Don’t like your mouth? Create a dramatic eye to draw the attention that way. Think your ears stick out? Have a stylist give you a cute new ‘do to hide them. Easy, right?

4 Rock Your Favorite Outfit

We all have that one outfit that we feel the best in. On days when you feel down about your looks, throw that baby on and take on the world. Whether it’s a wrap dress or a really well fitting pair of skinny jeans, whatever you feel best in will boost your confidence and make you feel as gorgeous as you are.

5 Perfect Your Posture

Maybe it’s not your best day, but slouching around and slumping in your seat isn’t going to help. Research shows that standing tall will make you feel better. Probably because it makes the blood flow through your body easier and more efficiently. Even if you don’t feel like it, hold yourself up while standing, walking and sitting and I bet you’ll be amazed at how much lovelier you feel.

6 Breathe It out

Shallow breathing is like hyperventilating. It’s not going to make you feel that good. On the other hand, slow deep breathing will calm you down and make you feel better. Not only that, but it will boost your circulation and give you a lovely glow that you will love.

7 Accept Compliments

It’s not easy to accept when someone says something nice about you. Whether you truly don’t believe it or it embarrasses you, deflecting praise is no way to feel beautiful. Accepting when someone says how fabulous your new dress looks on you or how great your new heels make your legs look, just say “thank you” and move on. That praise will make you feel wonderful.

What do you do to feel more beautiful? I hope you have some new ideas now. Which one will you try today?

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To gain self-confidence I use what I think fits me.

Nice thank you

Very nice article! Thank you

Definitely needed this write now . Thank you

When men call me pretty I get annoyed. I actually think they are taking the piss. Now how stupid is that?now I smile and say thank you...easy. Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves for no reason

@Nelly thankyou so much I didn't realize some women do it purposely. I feel better already. Bless you

4 is so true. I feel great in my favourite outfit

Beautiful I've just learnt to embrace the gap in my teeth. Everyone has flaws and everyone is beautiful

A lot of females turn down compliments, but accepting them actually makes the giver feel good as well as the receiver.

Great reminder, Eliza! All of these are true, and any woman can do these things...find your inner beauty, and put it in display so everyone can see it❤️

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