What Are the Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape?


Your eyebrow game is incredibly important, because it's an area of our bodies that we've all started to pay close attention to. While you might see a set of eyebrows on a celebrity that you love and try to recreate it on yourself, it's not the best idea. Everyone has a different face shape, which means that different people will look better with certain eyebrows. If you're in the mood to reshape yours, here are the best eyebrows for every single face shape:

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Oval Face

Oval Face If you have an oval face, you want to create soft angled eyebrows. In order to do that, you need your eyebrows to go straight up above the center of your pupil and then start to curve. This is probably the style that you've seen the most often on celebs, so it shouldn't be hard for you to recreate.


Round Face

Round Face All of you ladies with round faces should try to create a high arch. You want your brows to be arched in order to create as many vertical lines as you can. Just make sure that you don't make your brows rounded. If you do, then it'll only make your already round face look even rounder.


Long Face

Long Face Flat eyebrows aren't a fashion disaster. If you have a long face, then they're actually the style that you should lean toward. Why? Because they'll create the illusion that your face is shorter than it actually is. Plus, it's about the easiest shape to create, so you should be happy!


Square Face

Square Face If you have a square face, you don't want to pluck your eyebrows all that much. The thicker your brows are, the better. Of course, you still need to shape them, and when you do, you should make sure that they're rounded, but just a tiny bit, instead of making them completely curved.


Heart Face

Heart Face If your face is in the shape of a heart, you want to soften your look. The best way to do that is by making sure that your brows are rounded instead of angled. If you want to add length to your face, you can create a high arch. Otherwise, you should stick to a low arch in order to appear as natural as possible.


Diamond Face

Diamond Face Here's a face shape that will benefit from both curved and angled eyebrows, so you can take your pick. Either way, it should make your face appear softer, and will also make the wider parts of your face appear thinner. The worst thing you could do is allow your eyebrows to be completely flat, so make sure you stay away from that style.


Everyone's Face

No matter what your face shape is, you should make sure that your eyebrows begin and end in the right spots. In order to do that, grab tweezers or a pencil and place it vertically against the side of your nose. Your brow should begin in the spot that the object hits. Now you should place the object against your nose at an angle until it reaches the outer corner of your eye. That's how you find the ending point.

If you want your eyebrows to fit your face, follow the advice on this list and you'll instantly look fabulous. How do you usually shape your eyebrows, or do you allow them to stay in their natural shape?

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I think the tip you gave at the end is bullshit.Sure,it might work for some people,but if you have a large/thinner nose,it's not gonna work for you.Look a Rihanna : her eyebrows never start where nose ends.If they did,they'd be a disaster!

I have a long slim heart shape face so I don't really know how should my eyebrow be 😩

Idk mine are just fucjed. I missed the eyebrow memo, its just natural, not a lot, not thick not dark not really a shape just there basically. But hey at least i dont have a uni

I get the tiniest monobrow when I don't pluck all the time - it's barely noticeable lol

I don't know what type of face I am actually, But I'm gonna try all this eyebrow shape suggestion! Thankssss

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