7 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look like They're Sparkling ...


Whether you're flirting with a cutie from across the room or making eye contact with your boss during a conversation, they're going to be paying attention to your eyes. People claim that they're the windows to your soul, which is why you should try to keep them looking lovely. Here are a few ways to make your eyes look their very best:

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Stop Staring at Screens

Technology is all around us, so it's impossible to go a day without staring at a computer or a television or a cell phone. However, it's unhealthy for you to stare at a screen for too long. If you've been sitting on your computer all day to write an essay, let your eyes take a break every hour. You don't have to stop for too long. Just look around the room or take a walk outside.


Use Cucumbers for Dark UnderEyes

You've probably seen movies with ladies lounging around with cucumbers placed over their eyes. That's not just a silly TV trope. It's actually a great method for getting rid of dark undereyes. The next time you make a salad, cut up some thin slices of cucumber and rest them on your eyes for fifteen minutes.


Use Strawberries for Puffy Eyes

Strawberries aren't only tasty--they can also do your eyes some good. Eating them is said to make the whites of your eyes appear whiter. Plus, putting pieces of them under your eyes for only five minutes will reduce any puffiness.


Use Potato Slices for Dark Circles

Potato slices work wonders. Not only will they combat dark circles, but they'll also cure puffiness. All you have to do is place them under your eyes for a few minutes and then toss them right in the trash. Just make sure that you peel the skin off of the potatoes before you place them on your skin.


Drink Enough Water and Juice

You need to watch what you put into your body. You already know that water is healthy for your skin and eyes, but some juices will also help your eyes. Vitamin A and C are especially helpful, so when you're not in the mood for water, stock up on fruit juice. They're refreshing to sip on a hot summer day.


Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

While some drinks can help your eyes, others can hurt your eyes. That's why you want to try to stay away from caffeine and alcohol, both of which can dull your beautiful eyes. You don't want to take any drugs like marijuana either, because it can turn your eyes red, which isn't attractive at all.


Use Rose Water for Fresher Eyes

Rose water is not only beneficial for your skin and hair, but it's also beneficial for your eyes. All you have to do is get a cotton ball (the type that you'd use to remove your nail polish) and dip it in rose water. Then you should place it over your closed eyes for ten minutes.

Your eyes are the first thing people notice about you. After all, when they speak to you, they'll have to make eye contact, which is why you should follow these tips to look your best. Do you have any beauty or makeup tips to help your eyes look better than ever?

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Rose water smells delightful-I'd use it just for the fragrance.

I think wearing a good amount of lip gloss(not alot) makes ur eyes sparkle


I had no idea about the computer one! I'll remember that!

I LOVE the rose water idea

Loving the rose water idea. It sounds great.

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