How to Get Power Brows like Cara Delevigne ...

Raise your eyebrows - big brows are in again, thanks to ubiquitous model Cara Delevigne. The big brow trend started back in the Eighties with Brooke Shields, but was displaced by the thin, pencilled brows of the Nineties. Now power brows are back in again. But not everyone is blessed with bountiful brows, and even if you are you'll still need to get them into shape. Here's how to get power brows like Cara …

1. Grooming is a Must!

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Power brows still need to be groomed, or you risk looking unkempt. If you're not too confident about being able to shape your brows, and are worried you might pluck too many hairs (thus ruining the power brow look!), look for a suitable stencil to guide you. You also need to make sure that you keep your brows long enough and don't make them too short.

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