7 Personality Traits That'll Make You Appear Prettier ...

The way your hair is styled and your makeup is done aren't the only things that determine whether or not you come across as beautiful. Your personality can have just as big of an impact on someone as your external traits do. Haven't you ever thought a guy was gorgeous until you saw his horrible personality, and then he began to look less and less attractive? Well it's the same the other way around. The more appealing your personality is, the more beautiful you'll start to look. Here are some of the positive traits that will make you seem prettier:

1. Confidence

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If you stand with your back straight and your head held high you'll look way more gorgeous than if you were slouching and scowling. Yes, some of this has to do with your posture, but it mostly has to do with your confidence level. The more comfortable you look in your body, the more people will enjoy looking at it. Confidence creates cuteness!

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