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How to Stand Tall and Master Your Model Walk ...

By Holly

If you want to feel even more beautiful than you already are, there are ways to get the posture and walk of a model. You don't have to wear designer clothes or paint yourself with make-up to look fashionable. All you have to do is figure out how to walk the walk and talk the talk. Here are some of the simplest ways to get the posture and walk of a model so that your confidence is higher than ever:

1 Long Strides

When you walk, you shouldn't take tiny steps. You need to take long strides with your one foot going directly in front of the other. It's one of the easiest ways to get the posture and walk of a model, because it's what gives those beauty queens their signature swing of the hips.

2 Perfect Posture

Stand up straight with your shoulders back, but not too far back. You can't slouch and you certainly can't forget your manners. No matter how beautiful your posture is, you'll never have that model aura if you're spitting on sidewalks and screaming at strangers.

3 Relaxed Limbs

When you walk, you might feel the need to do something with your hands, but resist that urge. Don't ball your fingers into fists or fidget, because it will make you seem self-conscious. Also be sure to allow your arms to swing so that you don't look stiff, but don't exaggerate when you swing them either.

4 Eyes Ahead

You need to learn to keep your eyes ahead, no matter what you're doing. Even when you're walking down steps, you should be able to keep your stare straight ahead instead of glancing down at the stairs. If there's a railing to hold onto as you descend, touch it with two fingers to keep steady, but don't grab it with your entire hand.

5 Standing Still

When you're standing still or sitting down, your posture is still important. Make sure you continue to keep your back straight and your shoulders back. If you're standing in line, rest your hand on your hip. If you're sitting in a chair, cross one leg over the other. If you want to look like a model, you can't slouch, even when you're sitting on the comfiest couch.

6 High Heels

It's super important to learn how to work in heels. They will give your body a whole new look, because it changes your stance and posture. If you stumble whenever you wear them, practice walking around the house until you're comfortable wearing them in public. Heels may only be a type of shoe, but they can change your entire appearance and the way that you feel.

7 Keeping Confident

You'll never see a model that looks shy and unsure about herself. The most important aspect of any beauty queen is her confidence. No matter how you look or feel, you need to walk with confidence. If you absolutely have to, you can fake it. Soon enough, you'll realize how special you are and the confidence will be genuine.

You don't have to look flawless in order to feel like a model on a catwalk. As long as you follow these tips and think highly of yourself, everyone around you will think that you're model material. Who's your favorite female model out there?

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