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What Does Your Lip Shape Say about Your Personality ?

By Holly

You've probably never thought much about your lip shape. However, according to Cosmopolitan, it can actually tell you a lot about your personality. Don't believe it? Check out these descriptions to see if they accurately describe you:

1 Medium Sized

Medium SizedIf your lips aren't big or small, but somewhere in the middle, it means that you're even-keeled in relationships. You're not too clingy or dramatic. You're right there in the middle, just like your lips are.

2 Fuller Upper Lip

Fuller Upper LipIf your upper lip is bigger than your lower lip, it means you crave drama. If it's larger, because you've gotten lip injections, Cosmo claims that means that you're needy and self-conscious.


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3 Fuller Lower Lip

Fuller Lower LipThis means that you're a pleasure seeker who aims to enjoy life. You also love to be pampered.

4 Full Top and Bottom Lips

Full Top and Bottom LipsThis means you have a strong desire to be a mother. You're giving and always put others before yourself.

5 Thin Top and Bottom Lips

Thin Top and Bottom LipsYou're a loner, but you don't mind that one bit. You don't need to be attached to someone in order to be happy.

6 Peaked Cupid's Bow

Peaked Cupid's BowThis means you're a great communicator. You're very creative, but sometimes you don't think your words through before saying them.

7 Rounded Cupid's Bow

Rounded Cupid's BowThis means you're super kind and compassionate. You're always considerate of other's feelings.

8 Undefined Cupid's Bow

Undefined Cupid's BowThis means that you pay too much attention to other's needs and neglect your own. You're so caring that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself.

There you have it! Do you think these descriptions are accurate, or did they get your personality all wrong?

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