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What Part of Your Body do You Hate Here is How You Change Your Outlook ...

By Neecey

Many of us are not happy with our body – maybe even just one part of it. A few of us go so far as to develop body dysmorphia, however most of us settle for the lesser issues of moaning about it or trying to find ways to change what we don’t like. What about learning to accept it, or even love it? Maybe, just maybe, it’s all about attitude?

1 I Hate My Weight in General - One Day You Will Be Dust

Plenty of women hate the fact they are overweight, even by a bit, but you have to face the fact that we live in a very sedentary society that is loaded with cheap foodstuffs that contain far more energy than we need. You can take more exercise (you should), you can eat a balanced diet (you should), and you can eat more roughage, seeds, grains and nuts (you should), but that is not the point. You can dislike your weight, but you shouldn’t hate it. In 100 years, you will be dust, as will every living soul you see, hear, touch and talk to. Your existence on the planet is so short that compared to even an old oak tree, it is insignificant. Do you really want to spend your tiny flash of existence hating something about yourself?

2 I Hate My Hair - We Cannot Change Much, but We Can Change This

If you hate your hair the most, then you are in luck. Your hair is one of the easiest things to change and you can do it yourself. What is more exciting is the fact you can have fun changing your hair. You can style it in hundreds of different styles, add different colors and streaks, you can grow it long, keep it short, wear wigs and wear extensions. Have fun playing with it until you find a look you like.

3 I Hate My Acne - It Really Puts You on the Spot

Save a child from a river, help an old lady walk across the street, give a hug to a scared relative - do you think that person cares if you have spots on your face?

If it really bothers you that much, then stop using makeup for a few weeks, wash your pillowcases and bed sheets every week, shower every night, and most importantly of all, wash your hands after every toilet visit, every snack, every time you pet an animal and whenever your hands are dirty. There is now irrefutable proof that acne is always worse for people with grubby hands.

4 I Hate My Face - Change Your Perception of Beauty

Love and affection are never based on looks. Your only problem is that looks are what people judge you by at first. It means your life will always suffer from the obstacle known as the first impression. After the first impression, you are free to make people like and love you for the rest of your days. The only downside is that people who “believe” they are ugly will often act as if they hate their face. They are submissive, easily beaten and easily defeated because of the way they feel about themselves. If your spirit and your attitude are free from self-hatred, then they show through harder and brighter. Google Sean Stephenson, Google his life and Google his wife, then feel sorry for your self-hatred. His material on insecurity may help you too.

5 I Hate My Legs - Why do You Believe You Are Supposed to Be Perfect?

One of the most annoying excuses for bad or terrible behavior is “Nobody’s perfect.” People act like it’s an excuse when it isn’t. Nobody on the planet ever said you have to be perfect. Perfection only exists to those who do not look hard enough. So what is the point we are careening toward here? The point is that there is always going to be a part of you that you hate. You can try to change the bits you don’t like, but you shouldn’t hate them because you have them. You are supposed to love yourself warts and all; you are not supposed to hate parts of yourself because you believe perfection is relevant.

6 I Hate My Arms - You Will Have Them All Your Life…right?

The hard part of about shifting the fat from your arms, especially under your arms, is that even when it goes, it will tend to sag. It can take years to shift the fat and the saggy skin from under your arms, and most will predict (including you) that you will always hate your arms because they will never be perfect. “Never believe a prediction that doesn’t empower you,” that is a statement from Sean Stephenson. This is the same guy that had doctor upon doctor tell his mother he would die before he was one year old. Now, 35 years later, all those doctors are dead and he’s still here.

7 I Hate My Bottom - Obsessing over Triviality Will Drive You Underground

Your bottom may be big, or dimply, or flat, but it is a trivial matter. Your back end is built for sitting and pooping. There is too much going on in this world and too much going on in your life to go around hating your ass. To reiterate an earlier point, do you really want to spend your tiny flash of existence hating something about yourself?

What do you think? Do you spend too much time and effort on part(s) of your body you don’t like?

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